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What is research?

Have you ever been talking to friends or walking down the street and became curious about something? After conversations or internet searches, you find an answer that satisfies your curiosity. That is an example of research! Research does not have to be a large study with hundreds of people, it does not have to be a 20-page paper, and it definitely does not have to be something restricted to people we call researchers or scientists. We are all constantly doing research in different forms, lengths of time, and for various reasons.

Why we all do research:

  • Complete an assignment or task
  • Answer a question
  • Fill a gap in knowledge

How libraries and librarians can help you

Librarians can help you with all steps of research and publications:

  • Developing a topic
  • Narrowing or broadening a topic
  • Recommendations for topic-specific resources (print and online)
  • Brainstorming keywords for relevant search results
  • Tips and tricks on finding sources
  • Citing sources and how to avoid plagiarism
  • Citation management tools to organize your sources
  • Publishing your essay or article

Getting help

Yen Tran, librarian and manager of the Global Scholars Hall Library Commons (GSHLC), is available for research conversations. The UO Libraries also offer many ways to get help, including:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • In-person
  • With a subject specialist
  • Instant message chat


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