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Internet Usage

  • Cisco Systems, Inc. Facts and Stats. Web site provided by the telecommunications equipment maker which provides facts and statistics on the Internet, the Internet Economy and Internet related processes.
  • Click-Z Stats. Statistics on Internet and computer technology geared toward web marketers.
  • Internet Society. "Facts and Figures". (A list of links)
  • Nielsen's Online Measurement. Much of the data is for subscribers only, but there is some good free data available.
  • Pew Charitable Trust. Pew Internet & American Life Project.
  • Center for the Digital Future. Publishes research reports on the results of a long-term longitudinal study on the impact over time of computers, the Internet and related technologies on families and society.

Computer Usage

  • United States. Bureau of the Census. Computer & Internet Use. Publications from the Census Bureau on computer usage. Data collected in the Current Population Surveys from 1984 to 2010.
    • United States. Bureau of the Census.CPS Supplements. Access to raw data from Current Population Survey supplements, including on computer and internet use, 2000-2010.
  • National Center for Education Statistics. Educational Technology in Public School Districts: Fall 2008 Survey of computer usage and policies, and network access, in public schools.


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