Government Shutdown Information

U.S. Government Shutdown and Access to Information on the Web


Shutdown has ended!

All of the sites below, except for, are now available.

However, it will take some TIME for all of the sites (even the ones that were not completely shutdown) to be brought back to normal functioning levels and for information to be updated.


Government websites unavailable:

Below is a list of government web sites that have been completely shut down.

This is not an exhaustive list. For a few, alternative resources are listed.

Bureau of Economic Analysis

CDC Wonder (A comprehensive online public health information system of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

  • Data-Planet (UO only)- Health & Vital Statistics datasets


FCC (Federal Comunications Commission)

FTC (Federal Trade Commission)


National Center for Education Statistics

National Parks Service

USDA (Department of Agriculture)


Government websites with limited functionality

These sites are available but may not be updated, may have only limited information (i.e. that which is deemed "critical"), etc. Not an exhaustive list.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - not being updated

CDC (Centers for Disease Control), including National Center for Health Statistics

Dept. of Education

Dept. of Energy

Dept. of Homeland Security

HUD (U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development) - not being updated

Dept. of the Interior

DOJ (Justice)

Dept. of Labor

Library of Congress –  Many of their websites that were shut down are now available, but not being updated. Legislative information (THOMAS and is available with full functionality.

National Archives - very limited

NIH (National Institutes of Health) - not updating, responding to questions

NOAA - very limited, only "web sites necessary to protect lives or property"


Dept. of Treasury

Dept. of Transportation

US Forest Service - available for public safety announcements only

USGS (US Geological Survey) - almost completely shutdown, only "critical" web sites are available. The USGS Publications Warehouse is unavailable.

  • See this Guide to USGS Publications to find USGS papers, reports, etc., that the UO Libraries have in print (Science Library) or on microfiche (Knight.)


Government websites with full functionality

Not an exhaustive list–This site features information for the new national health insurance program provided by Affordable Healthcare Act.  The first day to sign up for the service was October 1st, and while there have been reports of glitches and crashes, the site appears to be functioning…for the moment.

  • You also can go directly to the Oregon health insurance exchange Cover Oregon (also reported to have been having problems)

Dept. of State - Appears to be running on full, for now - see their plan.

THOMAS and (THOMAS successor, in beta) - These sites contain information on congress, congressional bills and legislation.  They continue to be updated as events in Congress unfold.

Veterans Affairs - Appears to be fully available; their contingency plan does not specify regarding the website.




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