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Microforms Collections (Alphabetical Listing)

The University of Oregon Knight Library's Microforms Collection is part of the Document Center, located on the first floor of the Knight Library, on the opposite end from the main entrances, to the left of the grand circular staircase (floor plan). Most of the Library's 1.2 million microfiche, microfilm, Microcards and Microprints are housed in the Microforms Collection (others may be found in the Documents Collection, in the Science Library, and the Law Library). There are over two thousand newspapers, past and present, domestic and international, represented in our holdings, most arranged alphabetically by city. There is a relatively current inventory of titles, with date ranges, in the Newspapers on Microfilm Collection. More than 28,000 microform titles are listed on the UO Libraries Catalog (online catalog), but many items have not yet been electronically cataloged. Ask for services and assistance at the Microforms Desk. Librarians are available in the Document Center and Reference Department.

The collection is non-circulating, except for Interlibrary Loan in most cases. You will need to specify titles and (in the case of newspapers and periodicals) dates, and there is a limit of six reels of microfilm per ILL patron. Call, write, or e-mail for details.

Alphabetical listing of some highlights of the collection:

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- A -

Abraham Lincoln Papers. 97 reels (MICROFILM E 457.91 1959). 12,000 pieces of correspondence, papers, and letters addressed to Lincoln during his presidency. Also includes executive office files which were removed from the White House within ten days after Lincoln's assassination and two drafts of the Gettysburg Address. Finding aid: Index to the Abraham Lincoln Papers (REFERENCE E457.91 1959 Guide).

Acta Sanctorum. 4085 fiches (MICROFICHE BX4655 .A2 1684a). Acta sanctorum quotquot toto orbe coluntur : vel a catholicis scriptoribus celebrantur ex latinis et graecis, aliarumque gentium antiquis monumentis / collecta, digesta, illustrata a Joanne Bapt. Sollerio, Joanne Pinio, Guilielmo Cupero, Petro Boscio. Edito novissima, curante Joanne Carnandet . Paris : V. Palme, 1684-1940. 72 vols.

Acts of the Privy Council of England, 1542-1628. 573 fiches (MICROFICHE DA 25 .L28) [Nonstandard fiche size, see cabinet near Sanborn Maps red cabinet ]. Finding aid: tables of contents and indexes are in the collection in each volume.

Adams Family Papers. 608 reels (MICROFILM E322.1 .A273 1954). Contains the papers, public and private, of President John Adams (1735-1826), President John Quincy Adams (1767-1848), and Charles Francis Adams (1807-1886), together with the papers of their wives and children. pt. 1. John Adams, Diary, 18 November 1755-5 July 1771 (reels 1-88) -- pt. 2. John Adams, Letterbook, 16 May 1776-8 February 1778 (reels 89-179) -- pt. 3. John Adams, Miscellany (reels 180-342) -- pt. 4. Letters received and other loose papers, chronologically arranged, 1639-1889 (reels 343-399) ; reels 400-466) ; reels 467-608). Finding aid: online Microfilm Guide from Massachusetts Historical Society.

Aksakov, Ivan Sergeevich, 1823-1886 1886-87. Polnoe Sobranie Sochinenii (Sochineniia. 1860-1886). 63 fiches (MICROFICHE D377.3.A37). Vol. I. Slavianskii vopros. Vol. II. Slavianofil'stvo i zapadnichestvo. Vol. III. Pol'skii vopros i zapadno-russkoe dielo. Evreiskii vopros. Vol. V. Obshchestvennye voprosy po tserkovnym dielam. Svoboda slova. Sudebnyi vopros. Obshchestvennoe vospitanie. Vol. V. Gosudarstvennyi i zemskii vopros. Stat'i o niekotorykh istoricheskikh sobytiiakh. Vol. VI. Pribaltiiskii vopros. Vnutrenniia diela Rossii. Vvendenie k ukrainskim iarmarkam. Vol. VII. Obshcheevropeiskaia politika.

The Alaska Quaker Documents. 4 16mm reels (MICROFILM BX 7648 .A4 A43 1977). Arthur O. Roberts., ed.

Almanach National. 400+ fiches. (MICROFICHE JN 2304) Official almanac of France, 1700-.

American Periodical Series. Series 1: 18th C., 33 reels; 89 titles. Series 2: 1800-1850, 1,966 reels, 911 titles (MICROFILM 051.AM 351). Rare, basic source materials for the study and understanding of eighteenth-century American society in all its phases. Finding aid: American Periodicals, 1741-1900 : An Index to the Microfilm Collections (REFERENCE Z6951 .H65). The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

American Women's Diaries. 32 reels (MICROFILM HQ 1438 .A17 A47). Western collection includes pioneer diaries. Finding aid: American Women's Diaries (Contents) (REFERENCE HQ1438.A17A47).

Andrew Johnson Papers. 55 reels (MICROFILM E 415.6 .J66 1960). Correspondence, 1841-1891; messages and speeches, 1862-1869; court-martial and amnesty records, 1864-1869; diaries, 1866-1871; business records, 1829-1877, and records of Johnson's activities as military governor of Tennessee, 1866-1871. Finding aid: Index to the Andrew Johnson Papers (REFERENCE E415.6 .J66 1960 Guide).

Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile. 204 fiches (MICROFICHE DA 150 .A75 1994). vols. 1-5. Series still in production as of this writing. Finding aid: Anglo-Saxon Manuscripts in Microfiche Facsimile (REFERENCE DA 150 .A75 1994).

Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History. 11 reels (MICROFILM GN 2 .A27). Individual monographs are cataloged in UO Library Catalog.

Applegate Papers. 3 reels (MICROFILM F 881 .A67 1900a). Correspondence of Oregon pioneers connected with O. C. Applegate, especially concerning the Modoc Indian War.

Architectural Drawings in the Victoria and Albert Museum. 23 reels (MICROFILM HUM 542). Victoria and Albert Museum, South Kensington. Architecture, designs and plans. [Wakefield, Yorkshire] Micro Methods 1td, circa 1970. Finding aid: Index (REFERENCE Z5944.G7V5).

Archiv für Österreichische Geschichte. Vols. 1-116. (MICROFICHE DB 1 .A31). Library has paper copies beginning with Vol. 117.

Archives Historiques du Départment de la Gironde: 1859-1903. 12 reels (MICROFILM DG 611 .G5 A6). Issued by the Sociètè des Archives Historiques du Départment de la Gironde.

Archives Parlementaires de 1787 à 1860; Recueil Complet des Dé Legislatifs et Politiques des Chambres Française. 1080 Microcards (n.c., housed at end of HRAF). Series I. Vols. 1-82. Microcard Editions, 1967.

Australian National Bibliography. 87 fiches (MICROFICHE Z 4015 .A96). Periodical list, Author, Subject, Classifed Sequence. 1994-1996.

Author Index of Byzantine Studies. 267 fiches (MICROFICHE DF 501 .B992). Index of works in Greek to 1500. Finding aid: (REFERENCE DF 501 .B992).

- B -

Bakunin, Mikhail Aleksandrovich, 1814-1876. Sobranie Sochinenii i Pisem. 28 fiches (MICROFICHE HX915.B162). 4 vols. illus., ports. Series: Klassiki revoliutsionnoi mysli domarksistakogo perioda, 1. No more published. Steklov, IU. M. (IUrii Mikhailovich), 1873-1941 ed.

The Beynon Manuscript. 4 reels (MICROFILM E99.T8 B49 1980). The collection, now preserved at Columbia University, was transcribed by William Beynon, abstracted and arranged by Franz Boas, and consists of Tsimshian history, ethnography, and literature. Finding aid: guide on reel 1.

Biographical and Bibliographical Dictionary of the Italian Humanists and of the World of Classical Scholarship in Italy: 1300-1800. 20 reels [16mm] (MICROFILM DEWEY 928.1 C82).

The Black Abolitionist Papers. 17 reels (MICROFILM E449 .B624). Antislavery movements -- United States. Vol. 1. The British Isles, 1830-1865 Vol. 2. Canada, 1830-1865 Vol. 3. The United States, 1830-1846 Vol. 4. The United States, 1847-1858 Vol. 5. The United States, 1859-1865. Includes bibliographical references and index. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE E449 .B624).

The Black Culture Collection from Atlanta University. 19 reels [of a 652 reel collection] (MICROFILM GN645 .B53). Reels 634-652. Slavery in history section. Includes selected books, pamphlets, theses, and periodicals from the Trevor-Arnett Library at Atlanta University. Finding aid: Atlanta University--Bell & Howell Black Culture Collection (REFERENCE GN645 .B53).

British and Continental Rhetoric and Elocution. 12 reels. (MICROFILM DEWEY 808 B777). 12 reels of a 16 reel set. Mostly 17th and 18th century. Speech Association of America publication. Finding aid: Index (REFERENCE PN 6121 .B7 Index), 2 copies.

British Architectural Library Unpublished Manuscripts. 16 reels (MICROFILM HUM 725).

British and Foreign State Papers. 1860 fiche (MICROFICHE JX103.A3). Vols. 1-114 on microfiche. Vols. for 1922- include Hertslet's Commercial Treaties. See also, in paper format: Hertslet's Commercial Treaties Vols. 1-31 1820-1925, and British and Foreign State Papers Vols. 115-146, 1922-1946 (DOCS-LC JX103. A3). Finding aids: indexes on microfiche, v. 1-63, 1873-1873, in v. 64. v. 65-92, 1873-1900, in v. 93., and State Papers index, Vol. 115 1900-192.

British Literary Manuscripts from Cambridge University Library. Series One, The Medieval Age, c1150-c1500. 49 reels (MICROFILM Z 6611 .L7 B69 1984). Manuscripts are primarily in English, with some in Latin and French. Contents: 1. reels 1-17. Dd.i.1-Ff.iv. 55 of the "Two-Letter" series -- pt. 2. reels 18-34. Gg.i. 1-Ii. vi. 55 - - pt. 3. reels 35-49. Kk. i. 3-Oo. v1. 110 and additional manuscripts 443-6864. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE Z6611.L7B69 1984).

British Periodical in the Creative Arts. 224 reels (MICROFILM NX 1.B75). Finding aid: British Periodicals in the Creative Arts : an Index to the Microfilm Collection (REFERENCE NX 1 .B75).

British Sessional Papers. Parliamentary Papers of both House of Commons (MICROPRINT J 301.K613) and House of Lords (MICROPRINT J 301.J). Indexes included. The microprint collection is inclusive of the years 1696 to 1976. The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

Bush Family Records. 5 reels (MICROFILM F881 .B829 1953). 1837-1919. Mainly papers of Asahel Bush relating to his work as territorial and state printer in Oregon, hisinterests in Democratic Party politics, and his editorial career as publisher of the newspaper, The Statesman Originals in: Oregon State Archives. FOR REFERENCE USE ONLY. Reproduction prohibited. Direct requests for copies or permission to publish to Oregon State Archives.

- C -

Cadastral Surveys (General Land Office), Oregon. 16,000+ fiches. United States Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management. Cadastral survey field notes and plats for Oregon. Includes the following indexes: Homestead Entry Survey, Reservation, Indian allotment, Parks, reserves and miscellany. Townsite. Organized by Willamette meridian township range and baseline classification. Original federal land surveys of Oregon beginning in 1851 (MICROFICHE F881 .C32 1982). Donation Land Claim field notes. Oregon. Arranged by township, includes introductions and certificates. Includes indexes. (MICROFICHE F881 .D75 1984). State boundary. Oregon. (MICROFICHE F881 .S78 1984). Finding aid: map with townships and ranges. On reserve; ask at Microforms reference desk. See also: Instructions to the Surveyor General of Oregon, 1851, reproduced in its entirety in A History of the Rectangular Survey System (KNIGHT TA 521.W47 1983 and DOCUMENTS I 53.2:Su 7/2), pp. 433-500.A copy is also on reserve at the Microforms Desk.

Canada. Department of External Affairs. Treaty Series. 211 fiches (MICROFICHE KE 4252 .C36). 1828-1968.

The Cecil Sharp Autograph Notebook Collection. 9 reels (MICROFILM M1740.S5 C4 1990). Reels 1-3. Folk words, Folk words, folk tunes, folk dance notes Vol. 1-19 -- Reels 4-8. Folk tunes, Vol. 1-23 --Reel 8. Folk dance notes, Vol.1-4 -- Reel 9. Index[es], Vol. A-D. Finding aid: indexes, Reel 9.

Chester A. Arthur Papers. 3 reels (MICROFILM E660 .A78 1959). Reel 1: Ser. 1, 1843 Aug. 31-1991 Dec. Reel 2: Ser. 1, 1882 Jan. 1 -1925 Apr. 27. Reel 3: Ser 1 1925 May 1- 1938 Mar 9. Ser. 2, 1862 Aug. 6-1887 Feb. 7. Ser. 3, 1871 Nov. 23-1926 Jan. 4.

Cinema Pressbooks, 1920-1940. (MICROFICHE PN1993.5 U6 C46 2011).1959 microfiches. Title from printed guide, a catalogue of the microfiche collection published in association with the British Film Institute."The Microfiche Edition reproduces 774 pressbooks promoting the American movie industry over the crucial decades of the 1920s and 1930s. The books, selected from the archive of the British Film Institute, cover the work of eight major studios and a number of smaller independents"--Introd. in printed guide. Printed guide includes four separate indexes of actors, directors, studios and dates of film release.

CIRR. Periodical Contents. (MICROFICHE HG 4001 .C572). Tables of contents of periodicals issued by securities and institutional investment firms.

Cobbett's Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and other Crimes and Misdemeanors from the Earliest Period to the Present Time...From the Ninth Year of the Reign of King Henry, the Second, AD 1163 to... George VI, AD 1820. 1809-26. 236 fiches (MICROFICHE KD 370 .C625 1971). 33 vols.

College Catalogs. Career Guidance Foundation microfiche collection of all domestic (U.S.) and many international college catalogs dating from 1974 through 2000. Finding aids: indexes kept with the collection.

Concordances and Texts of the Royal Scriptorium Manuscripts of Alfonso X, el Sabio. 112 fiche (MICROFICHE PQ6273.A2A1 1978). Spanish series ; no. 2. Complete set consists of 420 microfiches representing some 20,000 p. of text. Finding aid: Concordances and Texts of the Royal Scriptorium Manuscripts of Alfonso X, el Sabio (REFERENCE PQ 6273. A2A1 1978 Guide).

La Condition ouvriere en France au 19e siecle. 1189 fiches (MICROFICHE HD8431.C6 ) Microfiche (negative) edition of the works listed in Michelle Perrot's Enquetes sur la condition ouvriere en France au 19e siecle. Over 66,000 pages. Library has: 1001-1014, no. 5; 1014, no. 7-1015; 1017-1024; 1027; 1029-1032; 1034-1037; 1039-1046; 1049-1073; 1075-1107; 1109- 1128; 1131-1147; 1149-1153; 1157-1164; 1166-1191. Finding aid: Pauperisme et condition ouvriere en France au 19e siecle (REFERENCE Z7165.F8P432).

Conditions and Politics in Occupied Western Europe, 1940-45. 12 reels. Selected correspondence from British Foreign Office files in the Public Record Office. Reels 1-2: Belgium; reels 3-7: France; reels 8-9: Norway; reels 10-11: Spain; reel 12: Sweden (MICROFILM D 802.A2C55). Finding aid: Conditions and Policies in Western Europe: A Listing and Guide to the Harvester Microfilm Collection (REFERENCE D 802 .A2 C55 1984).

Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files: Germany Foreign Affairs, 1930-1939. 12 reels (MICROFILM DD234.A3G48 1985). Finding Aid: Guide (REFERENCE DD234.A3G48 1985).

Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files: Germany Foreign Affairs, 1940-1944. 5 reels (MICROFILM DD234.A3G481 1985). Finding Aid: Guide (REFERENCE DD234.A3G481 1985).

Congregational Home Missionary Society. Letters from Missionaries in Oregon, 1849-1893. 3 reels (MICROFILM BV 2766 .c66 1900z).

Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) Papers. 5 reels [of an 80 reel collection] (MICROFILM E185.61 .C76 1983). Part 1. Western regional office, 1962-1965. A collection of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE E185.61 .C76 1983).

Les Congres Socialistes Francais, 1876-1914 (French Socialist Congresses, 1876-1914). 209 fiches (MICROFICHE HX13.A2C65Mc267). Works listed in J. A. Clarke's French socialist congresses, 1876-1914.

Cornell University Collection of Women's Rights Pamphlets on Microfiche. 124 fiches (MICROFICHE HQ1423.C6 1974). Collection of 117 pamphlets published between 1814-1912. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE HQ1423.C6 1974).

- D -

Death, Marriage and Divorce Indexes (Oregon). Microfilm (16mm and 35mm) and microfiche. On reserve; request from Microforms staff. These indexes, produced from vital records of the Oregon State Health Division, arranged by date, then alphabetically by last name. Birth records, however, are restricted for 100 years and are unavailable.

Debates of the House of Commons, from the Year 1667 to the Year 1694. 59 fiches (MICROFICHE n.c., housed at end of HRAF). 10 vols. London, 1763. Microcard Editions, 1966.

Denkmaler Deutscher Tonkunst. 9 reels (MICROFILM DEWEY 780.8 D417). bd 1-65. Denkmaler Tonkunst In Bayern. 7 reels (Microfilm DEWEY 780.8 D417b). bd. 1-9, jarhg. 10-30.

Deutsches Biographisches Archiv. 254 fiches (MICROFICHE DD 85 .D48). Eine Kumulation aus 254 der wichtigsten biographischen Nachschlagewerke fur den deutschen Bereich bis zum Ausgang des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE DD 85 .D48).

Diary of John Gregory Bourke. 10 reels (MICROFILM F 811 .B68 1965). 126 volumes covering Bourke's service on the western frontier, November 20, 1872 - Mar 4, 1895. An account of military activity with northern plains Indians and Apaches of the southwest. Native cultures and customs are detailed through journal entries, newspaper clippings and ledger drawings.

The Documentary History of the Ratification of the Constitution. 67 fiches (MICROFICHE KF4502.D63). Includes bibliographical references and indexes. Vol. 1. Constitutional documents and records, 1776-1787. Vol.. 2. Pennsylvania. Vol. 3. Delaware, New Jersey, Georgia, Connecticut. Vol. 8. Virginia(1). Vol. 9. Virginia(2). Vol. 10. Virginia(3). Vol. 13-18. Commentaries on the Constitution, public and private(1-6). Microfiche supplement to Vol. 2-3: f. 1-43. Pennsylvania: f. 44 -51. Delaware: f. 52-55. New Jersey: f. 56-59. Georgia: f. 60-67. Connecticut: f. (4). Virginia.

Dod's Parliamentary Companion. 488 cards (MICROCARD JN 500). London, Whittaker, 1842-1909. 60 vols. Those for 1832-1837 were not available for filming.

Drury Lane under Sheridan, 1776-1812: Manuscript Plays and Managerial Correspondence from the British Library, London. 16 reels (MICROFILM PR1269 .D78). A collection of 130 plays submitted to Richard Brinsley Sheridan during his proprietorship at the theatre. Also includes legal documents, correspondence, etc. British Library. Manuscript. Additional 25906-26036, 35118, 42720-42723. Egerton 1975-1976. Finding aid: Guide, missing.

- E -

Early American Imprints, 1639-1819. (MICROPRINT 810.8 Ea76). Books listed in American Bibliography by Charles Evans Finding aids: Series I: American Bibliography (1639-1800) by Charles Evans (REFERENCE Z1215.E923); Series II:American Bibliography: A Preliminary Checklist (1800 - 1819) by Ralph Shaw and Richard Shoemaker (REFERENCE Z1215.S48). This set is in Microprint and a scanner in Microforms is available. Please ask staff for assistance if the scanner is needed,

Early English Books, 1475-1640. 2043 reels. (MICROFILM AC1.E5). Finding aid: Short Title Catalogue, English Books, 1475-1640 (REFERENCE Z 2002 .P77). This two-volume set lists the contents of the reels in reel order. Individual titles are listed in the Title and Author Card Catalogs on the second floor of the Knight Library. See also A Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, & Ireland and of English Books Printed Abroad, 1475-1640, First Compiled by A.W. Pollard & G.R. Redgrave (REFERENCE Z2002.P77 1976). A similar set of microfilms, for 1641-1700, based on Short-Title Catalogue of Books Printed in England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and British America, and of English Books Printed in Other Countries, 1641-1700, Wing (REFERENCE Z2002.W5 1972), is available through Summit from Portland State University. The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

Echols Collection: Selections on the Vietnam War. Approximately 4,850 fiche (MICROFICHE DS 557.4.C675). Units 1-6 consist of English language materials. Units 7-13 consist of French language materials. Units 14-15 consist of Vietnamese language materials. Materials relating to U.S. period in Southeast Asia (1947-1989) produced by both governmental and non-governmental sources in the U.S. and abroad. Commercially published materials excluded. Finding aid: a multivolume Guide, (REFERENCE DS 557.4 .C675).

Educational Media Catalogs on Microfiche (MICROFICHE LB1043.Z9E28). Semiannual compilation. This collection is held in a ring binder on top of the Library of Congress cataloged microfiche. Finding aid: index kept at the head of the collection.

Ed Psych Collection.Titles in the Education and Psychology Microfilm collection were acquired by the UO Library prior to 1980, and include works published between 1950 and 1977. Most reels contain single dissertations. The inventory is arranged by entry number, 1-524. Entries include author, title, publisher, date, and (in some instances) the subject headings that were assigned when the work was cataloged. No records for these items appear in the UO Library's online catalog. The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

Eichmann, Adolf, Defendant. Transcript of the Trial.... 70 Microcards (MICROCARD K Eichmann) "Transcript of the trial in the case of the Attorney-General of the Government of Israel v. Adolf, the son of Adolf Karl Eichmann, in the District Court of Jerusalem. Criminal Case No. 40/61. This is an unedited and unrevised transcript of the simultaneous translation and, as such, should not be regarded as stylistically perfect or devoid of linguistic errors." Microcard Editions, 1962.

Eighteenth Century Provincial Newspapers (England). 123 reels. Includes: Bath Papers. 31 reels (MICROFILM AP 3. B38 1984). Derby Papers. 20 microfilm reels. (MICROFILM AP3 .D37 1986). Ipswich Papers. 32 reels (MICROFILM AP3 .I77 1986). Newcastle-upon-Tyne Newspapers. 42 reels (MICROFILM AP3 .N48 1991).Finding aids: The Bath Papers (REFERENCE AP 3 .B38 1985), Derby Papers (REFERENCE AP 3 .D37 1986 guide), The Ipswich Newspapers (REFERENCE AP 3 .I77 1986), Newcastle-upon-Tyne Newspapers (REFERENCE AP 3 .N48 1991).

English and American Drama of the Nineteeth Century. (MICROFICHE PR1271.N56, PS632.N56 and MICROPRINT PR 1271.E5). This is still being published, with an aim of collecting 28,000 plays. The finding aid currently available indexes English titles only: English Drama of the Nineteenth Century : An Index and Finding Guide (REFERENCE Z2014.D7E5 1985). The microprint collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

ERIC Documents (Educational Research Information Clearinghouse). Full text microfiche of most ERIC Documents titles, (400,000 plus) indexed as "ED"; for "EJ" (Journal) titles, consult JANUS. ERIC titles are indexed on the ERIC database, accessible via the Janus home page. There are also indexes on microfiche, kept with the collection.

Escritoras Espanolas. 2000+ fiches (MICROFICHE PQ6173.5.W66 E82 1991). Titles in the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid. Pt. 1. Siglos XVI-XVIII (539 microfiches) -- Pt. 2 Siglo XIX (ca. 1500 microfiches) Finding aids: 2 Catalogs, ed. Ma. del Carmen Simon Palmer (REFERENCE PQ6173.5.W66 E82 1991 Guide).

The Estlin papers [1840-1884]: from Dr. William's [sic] Library, Gordon Square, London. 6 reels (MICROFILM E449 .E84 1961). Microfilm copy made from the originals in the Williams Library. Includes letters and pamphlets relating to the anti-slavery movement in the United States. Most of the letters are addressed to John B. Estlin and his daughter, Mary Estlin. Includes minute-book, 1840-1861, of the Bristol and Clifton Auxiliary Ladies Anti-slavery Society.

European Official Statistical Serials on Microfiche. (MICROFICHE HA 1171.A76 to HA 1641. A2). Compiled statistics of (in this order) Austria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, USSR, Finland, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Romania. Available date ranges vary.

- F -

Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS). 216 reels (MICROFILM D839.U63). Daily Reports of Foreign Radio Broadcasts, January 2, 1952 - August 31, 1973. The Library holds FBIS Translations for other periods in various other formats and locations. See also Survey of Mainland China Press, below.

Federal Register. 661 reels (MICROFILM KF70.A2). Complete from 1936 to 2002. The Federal Register is the daily publication of the U.S. government in which are published all new and proposed regulations, as well as background and explanatory information. Paper copies of the Federal Register issues for recent years may be found in the Government Documents Department.

Four Centuries of Spanish Drama. 10,460 Microcards (MICROCARD 862).

France. Journal Officiel. 1876-1940, and, France. Journal Officiel. Débats Parlementaires.Microcards (Uncataloged Microcard cabinets). Chambre des Députés. 1881-1889. "The Journal was published as one, consecutively numbered volume through 1880. Beginning in 1881, it was broken into various sections (Chamber of Deputies, Senate, Documents, etc.) each having its own pagination."

Franklin, Benjamin. The Writings of Benjamin Franklin. 56 fiches (MICROFICHE E 302 .F82 1907a). Vol. 1. Introduction and autobiography. Vol. 2. 1722-1750. Vol. 3. 1750-1759. Vol. 4. 1760-1766. Vol. 5. 1767-1772. Vol. 6. 1773 -1776. Vol. 7. 1777-1779. Vol. 8. 1780-1782. Vol. 9. 1783-1788. Vol. 10. 1789-1790

French Royal and Administrative Acts. 59 reels (MICROFILM KJ.F877). Finding aid: French Royal and Administrative Acts, 1256-1794 : A Subject Guide to the New York Public Library collection of 16,000 Pamphlets Now on Microfilm (REFERENCE KJJ.F877 Guide).

- G -

German Baroque Literature. 656 reels (MICROFILM HUMANITIES 750). Finding aids: Bibliography on reels 655 and 656, and German Baroque Literature; A Catalogue of the Collection in the Yale University Library, 3 vols. (REFERENCE Z2232 .Y35) and Bibliography-Index to the Microfilm Edition of the Yale University Library Collection of German Baroque Literature, 1971 (REFERENCE Z 2232 .Y353).

German Baroque Literature. The Harold Jantz Collection. 611 reels (MICROFILM PT 1126.G4). Finding aid: German Baroque Literature : a Descriptive Catalogue of the Collection of Harold Jantz and a Guide to the Collection on Microfilm (REFERENCE Z2232.G47).

German Drama Prior to the Twentieth Century. 4532 Microcards (MICROCARD 832).

Germany. Reichstag. Verhandlungen des Reichstags. Stenographische Berichte. 1866-1933. (MICROFICHE n.c., Microcard cabinets).

Gerritsen Collection of Women's History, 1543-1945. 86 reels and 1649 microfiche (MICROFILM HQ1121.G47 1975). American periodicals from a large collection of international source documents in the history of feminism. Finding aid: online inventory of the Library's holdings.

Glastonbury Abbey Documents. 30 reels (MICROFILM DA 690 A2 1982).

Gouverneur Morris Papers. 6 reels (MICROFILM E302.6 .M7 1965). History, Colonial period, New York.

Great Britain. Foreign Office. Correspondence and Documents Concerning the San Juan Boundary Dispute, 1846-1869. 4 reels (MICROFILM F854 .G74 1900).

Great Northern Railway Company Papers, pt. 1, 1862-1922. 25 reels (MICROFILM HE2791.G773A3 1984). Ed.W. Thomas White. ser. A. Board of directors' minutes and corporate histories (4 reels) -- ser. B. Labor (16 reels) -- ser. C. Settlement and development (5 reels) "Microfilmed from the holdings of the Minnesota Historical Society." Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE HE2791.G773A3 1984 Guide)

- H -

Hamilton, Alexander. The Works of Alexander Hamilton. 60 fiches (MICROFICHE E 302 .H23 1904a). Edited by Henry Cabot Lodge.

Handel Werke. 12 reels (MICROFILM DEWEY 780.81 H118). Musical compositions of Georg Freidrich Handel.

Headquarters Papers of the British Army in America. 29 reels (MICROFILM E 203 .B75 1957). Original manuscripts in the Great Britain Public Record Office. Manuscripts were in the Royal Institution of Great Britain, 1804-1930; in Colonial Williamsburg, 1930-1957. The papers consist mainly of the correspondence of the successive British commanders in chief in the American Revolution. Reels 1 and 2: Great Britain. Historical Manuscripts Commission. Report on American manuscripts in the Royal Institution of Great Britain. 1904-09. 4v.

The Heartman Manuscript Collection at Xavier University Library, New Orleans. Manuscripts on Slavery. 7 reels (MICROFILM E445.L8 X38). ca. 4000 items. Documents in English, French and Spanish. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE E445.L8 X38).

Herstory (Women's History Library). 90 reels (MICROFILM HQ 1426.H4). Documents in United States women's history. Finding aid: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of Herstory (REFERENCE HQ1426.H4).

Historical Gazetteer of London before the Great Fire. Part 1, Cheapside. 57 fiches (MICROFICHE HD 610. L6 K42 1987). Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE HD 610. L6 K42 1987).

History of Women. Series I, 995 reels, and Series II, 253 reels (MICROFILM HQ1111.H5). Primarily books, pamphlets, tracts, periodicals,and manuscripts and other records on women in civil rights, education, humanities, fine arts, birth control, government, law and medicine before 1920. Print finding aid: History of Women (Guide) (REFERENCE HQ1111.H5).

Horace Plunkett Diaries and Letters. 10 reels (MICROFILM DA965.P6 A3 1963).

Humanities Microfilm. These are accession numbered microfilms, mostly dissertations, with record numbers from 1 to 750. Several of the sets described on this page, such as the German Baroque Literature (above), are located within this collection. Inventory.

Human Relations Area Files (HRAF). Microfiches (not cataloged). This set contains over 4,000,000 pages of scholarly ethnographic texts on world societies, including such topics as sex roles, child care, and treatment of the elderly in various cultures. Located between the Corporation Reports and Microcards in its own cabinet. Indexes and other finding aids, as well as assistance in using HRAF, may be found in the Reference Department of the Knight Library.

- I -

Index-catalogue of the Library of the Surgeon-General's Office, United States Army. Authors and subjects. 955 fiches (MICROFICHE Z6676.U62). Bibliography; books and articles arranged alphabetically by medical subject headings and authors. Vol. 1 (1880) - vol. 16 (1895) ; 2nd ser., vol. 1 (1896) - 2nd ser., vol. 21 (1916) ; 3rd ser., vol. 1 (1918) - 3rd ser., vol. 1 10 (1932) ; 4th ser., vol. 1 (1936) - 4th ser., vol. 11(1955) ; 5th ser., vol. 1 (1959) - 5th ser., vol. 3 (1961). For medical literature before 1966.

Index to Rimes in American and English Poetry, 1500-1900. 404 Microcards (MICROCARD PE 1519). Typescript. Microcard Foundation, 1959.

International Women's Year World Conference Documents. 68 fiches (MICROFICHE HQ1106 1975.I572). World Conference of the International Women's Year (1975 : Conference Centre of the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

- J -

John Muir Papers. 51 reels (MICROFILM QH 31.M9 A13). and 53 microfiche (MICROFICHE QH31.M9A12 1985). Finding aid: The Guide and Index to the Microform Editions of the John Muir Papers, 1858-1957 (REFERENCE Z8605.G86 1986).

Joseph Lane Papers. 8 reels (MICROFILM F 880 .L362 1940z). Date range 1839-1960, filmed from papers held in in the Lilly Library, Indiana University: "...correspondence and papers of Joseph Lane, first territorial governor of Oregon. The collection deals largely with Oregon affairs: politics, admission of Oregon as a state, Indian hostilities and treaties, war claims and pensions, river and stage coach transportation, land titles, the lumber trade, gold mining, and immigration to Oregon. There is also material on overland travel and proposed railroads to the West coast. 3,248 items."

- K -

Kraus Curriculum Development Collection, 1984-1997. (MICROFICHE LB1570.F43). The Kraus Curriculum Development library provides access to over 3700 PreK-12 curricula/frameworks/standards reprinted on microfiche (MICROFICHE LB 1570 .F43) Finding aids: A paper index (REFERENCE LB 1570 .F434 Index) allows searching for materials added 1978 - 1994.

- L -

Lageberichte (1920-1929) und Meldungen (1929-1933) 400 fiches (MICROFICHE HV7742.A8 G472). Bestand R 134 des Bundesarchivs, Koblenz / Reichskommissar fur Uberwachung der offentlichen Ordnund und Nachrichtensammelstelle im Reichsministerium des Innern. Germany. Reichskommissar fur Uberwachung der Offentlichen Ordnung. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE HV7742.A8G472).

Landmarks of Science. 10,000+ titles (MICROPRINT Q111.L3). Finding aids: Landmarks of Science and Landmarks II - Monographs Microfiche Edition Short Title List, (DOC-LC Q111.H3 1993). The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

Leaders of the Russian Revolution. 111 fiches (MICROFICHE DK 265 .A526 1992). Archives of the Central Committee of the Soviet Communist Party. Finding aids: first microfiche of each part includes description of contents and index to that part; Guide (REFERENCE DK 265 .A526 1992)

Les Femmes: Rare Works from France on Microfiche from the Bibliotheque Nationale. 481 fiches (MICROFICHE HQ 1613 .F46 1975). "In this collection of 129 titles dating from the 17th to the 20th century, every aspect of women's lives is subjected to scrutiny and is rigorously defined." Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE HQ1613 .F46 1975).

Letters Received by the Office of Indian Affairs (California), 1824-81. 23 reels (MICROFILM E93 .L57 1959). Finding aid: Guide, published in 1966, covers base set (reels 1-962), includes indexes (REFERENCE E93 .L57 1959).

Letters received by the Office of Indian Affairs, 1824-81: Oregon Superintendency, 1842-1880. 24 reels (MICROFILM E93 .U47 1958).

The Ludwig Wittgenstein Papers. 28 reels (MICROFILM HUMANITIES 560). Finding aids: The Wittgenstein Papers: A Catalogue (REFERENCE Z8979.4 .W5) and The Wittgenstein Papers : A Catalog (REFERENCE Z8979.4.W5 1982); include list of roll nos. in Cornell microfilm of the papers, the catalog items they contain, and references to their location in the bound vols. of copy made from the film.

- M -

MAGIC Documents. 14 Reels (MICROFILM D 754.J3M33 1980). Summaries and transcripts of the top secret diplomatic communication of Japan, 1938-1945. Finding aid: Calendar (REFERENCE D754.J3M33 1980 Calendar).

Mendelssohn Werke. 6 reels (MICROFILM DEWEY 780.81 M522). Felix Menelssohn Bartholdy's Werke. Kritisch durchgeshene Ausgabe Von Julius Rietz. Mit Genehmigung der Originalverleger.

Microcard Publications of Primary Records in Culture and Personality. Microcards (MC 159.1).

A Microfiche Concordance to Old English. 417 fiches (MICROFICHE PE274.A5V4 1980). Finding aid: A Microfiche Concordance to Old English, Richard L. Venezky and Antonette diPaolo Healey, ed. .(REFERENCE PE274.A5V4 1980 Guide).

Michigan Early Modern English Materials (MICROFICHE PE895.M53). "More than 38,000 excerpts from Renaissance texts...arranged according to the lemma or entry word for which the selection was extracted." Finding aid: Michigan Early Modern English Materials, ed. Richard W. Bailey, James W. Downer, Jay L. Robinson, with Patricia V. Lehman (REFERENCE PE895.M53 Guide).

Minutes and Documents of the Cabinet Meetings of President Eisenhower, 1953-1961. 10 reels (MICROFILM J82.D8 1980). Edited by Paul Kesaris and Joan Gibson. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE J82.D8 1980).

Minutes and Documents of the Cabinet Meetings of President Johnson, 1963-1969. 17 reels (MICROFILM J82.E1 1982). Edited by Paul Kesaris. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE J82.E1 1982).

James Monroe Papers. 11 reels (MICROFILM E337.8 .M66 1960). Monroe, James, 1758-1831. Manuscript collection in the Library of Congress and photostats of related papers. Finding aid: Index to the James Monroe Papers (REFERENCE E337.8 .M66 1960).

Mozart's Werke. 11 reels (MICROFILM DEWEY 780.81 M877). Mozart, Johann Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus, 1756-1791. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's Werke. Kritisch durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe.

Monographs on Chinese Women. 19 reels (MICROFILM HQ 1767 .C46 1995). Wide range of topics relating to Chinese Women. Finding Aid: Guide (REFERENCE HQ 1767 .C46 1995).

Musical Dictionaries. Series I 565 fiches (MICROFICHE ML100 .M87 1976 f.1-565). Includes dictionaries in various European languages published 1494-1922.

My Diary at the Conference of Paris (1919). 10 reels (MICROFILM DEWEY 341.69 P218 M). David Hunter Miller. 21 vols.

- N -

National Inventory of Documentary Sources in the United States. 1911 microfiches (MICROFICHE Z 1236 .N37 1984). Microfiche editions of over 1,500 finding aids in the National Archives, seven Presidential Libraries and Smithsonian Institution Archives. 1984-1988 update (136 fiches + replacement index, 7 fiches) interfiled with base set. Finding aids: indexes on microfiche, filed with set.

National Woman's Party Papers: The Suffrage Years, 1913- 1920. 97 reels (MICROFILM JK2391.N37N3). Ser. 1: Correspondence, 1891-1940, Reels 1-86; Ser. 2: Administrative files, 1913-1921, Reels 87-90; Ser. 3: Printed matter, 1889-1936, Reels 91-96; Ser. 4: Photographs, 1913-1921, Reel 97; Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE JK2391.N37N3).

Newsbank. Tens of thousands of microfiche collecting articles by topic from over 400 US Newspapers. Covers years 1971-1995. Finding aids: Indexes in Reference [1983-1995] (REFERENCE AI3.N559) and also with the microfiche set [Apr 1984-Aug 1995].

Newspapers. There are over two thousand newspapers, past and present, domestic and international, represented in our holdings, most arranged alphabetically by city. There is a relatively current inventory of titles, with date ranges, in the Newspapers on Microfilm Collection. Another list, arranged by county, covers Oregon titles only.The University of Oregon Knight Library currently subscribes to over one hundred Oregon newspapers. These are collected and filmed at the Library's Oregon Newspaper Microfilming Project, to which the Microforms Collection is a subscriber for all titles.
The Underground Newspapers Collection (88 reels) holds over 460 "alternative" papers published between 1965 and 1971. The inventory lists underground papers alphabetically by title, giving reel number(s), city and state, and year(s) of publication. All issues of a title for a given year appear on a single reel together. The collection may be found in the Microforms Newspapers Collection under "U" for Underground (as if "Underground" were a city).
There are also Japanese Relocation Camp newspapers, the John F. Kennedy Memorial collection (Soc Sci 580, 10 reels), and miscellaneous 19th century Mexican newspapers (filed alphabetically under Mexico).
If you are searching a subject rather than something in a particular paper, you may wish to consult NewsBank, which collects articles in twenty-one categories from over 400 newspapers. A number of Newspaper Indexes are available. You may also wish to visit the Oregon Historical Society home page.

Norman Thomas. Selected Letters and Papers, 1932-1942. 4 reels (MICROFILM HX 84 .T47 A25 1953). Notes Items selected by M.S. Venkataramani to document thesis, "Norman Thomas and the Socialist Party," Ph. D., History, 1955 Originals in New York Public Library Note at head of reels 1-3: "Restricted: not to be read, published, quoted, nor reproduced in whole or in part without the permission of Norman Thomas." Restriction no longer in force Sept. 1999, per phone call to New York Public Library Copy Service.

Northern Pacific Railway Company Papers, pt. 1, 1862-1922. 25 reels (MICROFILM HE2791.N863 A3 1984). Ed.W. Thomas White. Ser. A.: Board of directors' minutes and corporate histories (10 reels); Ser. B.: Labor (12 reels); Ser. C.: Settlement and development (3 reels) "Microfilmed from the holdings of the Minnesota Historical Society." Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE HE2791.N863 A3 1984 Guide)

- O -

Old Bailey Proceedings. 38 reels (MICROFILM KD370 .O62 1984). "A complete set of The whole proceedings on the King's Commission of the Peace, and Oyer and Terminer, and Gaol-delivery for Newgate, held for the city of London and the county of Middlesex at Justice Hall in the Old Bailey, for the years 1714-1834." Finding aid: Index (REFERENCE KD370 .O62 1984).

The Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Indian Language Collection: The Pacific Northwest Tribes. 21 reels (MICROFILM PM481 .O74 1976). Assiniboine, Crow, Blackfeet, Gros Ventres, Nez Perce, Yakima, Chelan, Coeur d'Alene, Columbia, Colville, Kalispel, and Kootenai. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE PM481.O74 1976 Guide).

Oregon Provisional and Territorial Government Records Access Project. 80 reels (MICROFILM F880.O73 1990). Finding aid: Guide to Oregon Provisional and Territorial Government Records (LAW LIB REFERENCE Z1327 .O773 1990) and USMARC-AMC data files (1 computer disk ; 5 1/4 in.). Data disk must be used with software which can read MARC-formatted records.

Oregon Territory. Papers of the Provisional and Territorial Govt. 1841-1859. 28 reels (MICROFILM F 880 .O735 1951). Arranged by document number (1-12281E). Finding aid: Checklist at end of reel 28.

- P -

Pacific Northwest Tribes. 34 reels (MICROFILM E78.N77 J47 1987). Missions Collection of Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus. Finding aid: Guide to the Microfilm Edition of the Oregon Province Archives of the Society of Jesus Alaska Mission Collection (OR. COLL. Z1209.2.U52A373).

Palestrina, Giovanni Pierluigi da, 1525?-1594. Works (Werke). 116 fiches (MICROFICHE M3.P175 1968). Score (33 vols), Masses -- Motets.

Papers of the Federal Reserve System. 51 reels (MICROFILM HG2563.P36 1983). Part 1. Legislation, major speeches and essays, and special reports, 1913-1960. Part 2. Minutes of meetings of the Federal Open Market Committee, 1923-1975. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE HG2563.P36 1983).

The Papers of John Peabody Harrington in the Smithsonian Institution, 1907-1957. Alaska/Northwest Coast. 30 reels (MICROFILM E78.P2 H38 1981). A collection on Native American history and languages. Prepared in the National Anthropological Archives, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Washington, D.C. Finding aid: The Papers of John Peabody Harrington in the Smithsonian Institution, 1907-1957, (REFERENCE Z1209.H33 1981, 3 vols).

Papers of the NAACP. 7 reels [Part 12, reels 1-7 of an ongoing collection] (MICROFORM E 185.61 .P27 1982). Series D: The West.

Papers of Robert Peel [Prime Minister of Great Britain]. 39 reels. (MICROFILM DA 536.P3P25). Parts One and Two of a 6 part collection. on 123 microfilm reels.

Papers of the Women's Trade Union League and Its Principal Leaders. 131 reels (MICROFILM HD6079.2.U5P3). Collection I.: Margaret Drier Robins papers. Collection II.: National W.T.U.L. papers (Schlesinger Library). Collection III.: Mary Anderson papers. Collection IV.: Records of the New York W.T.U.L.. Collection V.: Leonora O'Reilly papers. Collection VI.: Rose Schneiderman papers. Collection VII.: Agnes Nestor papers. Collection VIII.: O'Sullivan autobiography, Boston W.T.U.L. collections, Chicago W.T.U.L. collections. Collection IX.: W.T.U.L. publications. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE HD6079.2.U5P3).

Papyrology on Microfiche: Series 1. 308 fiches (MICROFICHE PA3339.A53). Microfiche reprints of eds. originally published separately, 1887-1959.

Parlamento Atti. 29 reels (MICROFILM DEWEY 328.45 Itl). Acts of the Italian Parliament Dec 1919-Dec 1926.

The Parliamentary History of England. 11 reels. (MICROFILM J301 .C6 1970). From the Norman Conquest (1066) to 1803. Includes indexes.

The Parliamentary Register, 1774-96. 353 fiches (MICROFICHE Not Cataloged). Located in bottom drawers of HRAF cabinet. Proceedings and Debates of the House of Commons and Lords. London, 1775-1802. 62 vols. Microcard Editions, 1971.

The Peale Family Papers. 449 fiches (MICROFICHE ND237.P27C6 1980). Finding aid: The Collected Papers of Charles Willson Peale and His Family, 1735 -1885: Guide and Index (REFERENCE ND237.P27C6 1980 Guide).

Philippine Insurgent Records, 1896-1901. 643 reels. National Archives (MICROFILM DS682.A1P5). Finding aids are included in the collection.

The Philippines: U.S. Policy During the Marcos Years, 1965-1986. 652 fiches (MICROFICHE E183.8.P6 P65). Title on header: The Philippines : the Marcos years, 1965-1986. Documentation (much of it classified) identified, obtained, assembled, and indexed by National Security Archive. Finding aid: The Philippines: U.S. Policy During the Marcos Years, 1965-1986 (REFERENCE E183.8.P6 P65 [3 vols.: Guide and Index).

Photographic Views of New York City from the New York Public Library. 1481 fiches (MICROFICHE F128.37.P44).Finding aids: An Index to the Microfiche Edition of Photographic Views of New York City, 1870's-1970's, from the Collections of the New York Public Library (KNIGHT F128.37.P44), and Photographer Index to the Microfiche Edition of Photographic Views of New York City, 1870's-1970's, from the Collections of the New York Public Library (REFERENCE F128.37.P44 Suppl. 2).

Plekhanov, Georgii Valentinovich, 1856-1918. Sochineniia. 116 fiches (MICROFICHE HX314.P553). Some volumes have imprint. Bibliographical foot-notes. Goldendach, David Borisovich, 1870-1942, ed. Institut K. Marksa i F. Engelsa.

Polnoe Sobranie Zakonov Rossiiskoi Imperii, 1649-1825. 6916 fiches (MICROFICHE K .R968po). Russia. Laws. Published 1830-1916. Finding aid: Polnoe Sobranie Zakonov Rossiiskoi Imperii. Sobranie Vtoroe. Obshchii Alfavitnyi Ykazatel (K .R968po Index).

Franklin Pierce Papers. 7 reels (MICROFILM E 415.6 .P54 1959). Manuscript collection in the Library of Congress and photostats of related papers.

Playbills from the Harvard Theatre Collection. 100 reels (MICROFILM PN2596.L6 P52). 19th Century. Finding aid: Playbills from the Harvard Theatre Collection (REFERENCE PN2596.L6P52 1981 Guide).

Polnoe sobranie sochinenii D.S. Merezhkovskago (Works) (Merezhkovsky, Dmitry Sergeyevich, 1865-1941) . 153 fiches (MICROFICHE PG3467.M4 1980).

Presidential Directives on National Security from Truman to Clinton. 441 fiches (MICROFICHE E 840 .P74 1994). These documents pertain to all aspects of U.S. national policy--foreign, defense, intelligence and international economic policy--and structure. They were identified, obtained, assembled, and indexed by the National Security Archive. Most were originally issued by the National Security Council. Finding aid: Guide and Index (REFERENCE E 840 .P74 1994).

Project histories and reports of Reclamation Bureau projects, 1902-25. 56 reels (MICROFILM TC823.6 .U54 1946) Includes table of contents listing projects and the corresponding rolls of this microcopy on reel 1. Reels 25-30, 45, 103-114 and 118-141 do not exist. The volumes reproduced in this microcopy are part of a body of records in the National Archives designated as Record Group no. 115, Records of the Bureau of Reclamation.

Prussia. Landtag. Haus der Abgeordneten. Stenographische Berichte, 1849-70. 811 fiches (MICROFICHE Not Cataloged). Located in bottom drawers of HRAF cabinet. Microcard Editions, 1967.

Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism, 1917-1985. 56 reels (MICROFILM PN4726.P82). "This collection assembles the texts of the awards for public service, local, national, and international reporting, editorials, cartoons, photographs, and, in recent years, criticism, commentary and feature writing." Finding aid: : The Pulitzer Prizes in Journalism, 1917-1985: A Guide to the Microfilm Edition, (REFERENCE PN4726.P82 1985).

- R -

The Radical Right and Patriotic Movements in Britain. 129 fiches ( MICROFICHE JA84.G7R3). Finding aid: "The Radical Right and Patriotic Movements in Britain; a Bibliographical Guide, compiled by William Pidduck" on sheets 1a and 1b.

Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs of Russia and the Soviet Union. 37 of the existing 134 reels (MICROFILM DK 246 .U5).

Records of the Oregon Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1848-73. 30 reels (MICROFILM E93 .M53 1940). Northwest Native American records, government relations with tribes. Finding aid: online index.

Records of the United States Exploring Expedition Under the Command of Lieutenant Charles Wilkes, 1838-1842. 27 reels (MICROFILM Q 115 .U57 1944). Records of the Hydrographic Office RG 37. Reel 1 includes introduction describing the collection and other sources of information on the expedition. Finding aid: each reel includes a list of contents of the entire set.

Records of the Washington Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1853-74. 26 reels (MICROFILM E93 .U48 1945). Northwest Native American records, government relations with tribes.

Reform of Local Government Structures in the United States, 1945-1971. (MICROFICHE JS345 1975 .R43 pt.1-836). Consists of 836 documents, primarily based on items in the Indiana University Library, Bloomington.

Renaissance Rhetoric. 152 fiches (MICROFICHE PN185.R46 1983). Key texts from the Bodleian Library, Oxford, 1479-1602 Finding aids: a fiche index is kept with the collection. Print guide: Renaissance Rhetoric: A Microfiche Collection of Key Texts A.D. 1472 -1602 from the Bodleian Library, Oxford (REFERENCE PN185.R46 1983).

Reports of the Military Government for Germany, U.S. Zone 1945-53. 6 reels. (MICROFILM D 802.G3 1983).

Ricker Tablets. 7 reels (MICROFILM E88 .866). Native American History interviews, 1904-1909. Includes series two: "Ricker Tablets" (tablets 1-49 of 206) and series three: Interviews (folders 1-17) Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE E88 .866 R5 GUIDE).

Right Wing Collection. 177 reels (SOC SCI MICROFILM 566). Composed mainly of right wing serials held by the University of Iowa Libraries, but also includes materials from Tulane University Library, Northern Arizona University, Kenneth Spencer Research Library of the University of Kansas, California State University at Fullerton, and Harvard College Library. Finding aid: The Right Wing Collection of the University of Iowa Libraries: A Guide to the Microfilm Collection (REFERENCE Z1244.M514).

Rose Pastor Stokes Papers. 7 reels (MICROFILM HV28.S86A3 1982). Consist of correspondence, writings, printed material, drawings, and miscellaneous material from the socialist and labor leader.

Russian Historical Sources. Series 1, 33 boxes (MICROPRINT 947.R92 [Dewey]). The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

- S -

Schubert Werke. 9 reels (MICROFILM DEWEY 780.81 Sch78). Schubert, Franz (Peter), 1797-1828. Works. Kritisch durchgesehene Gesammtausgabe. Leipzig, Verlag von Breitkopf & Hartel.

Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) File. Microfiche. (also known as Q-Data) files. This regularly updated set includes 10-k reports, shareholder reports, and proxy statements for publicly traded U.S. Corporations. Covers 1975 to the present, with some materials dating back to 1955. Located in their own cabinet, behind the change machine. Finding aids: indexes kept with the collection.

Sephardic editions, 1550-1820: Spanish and Portuguese books written and/or published by Sephardic Jews of early modern Europe. (MICROFICHE DS135.S7 S474 2002) 642 microfiches. This microfiche collection of 233 titles comprises the most influential works written or printed by the Iberian Jews in the major centers of the Western Sephardi Diaspora (e.g., the Netherlands, France, Italy, Germany, England); it includes all genres and reflects both their religious and their secular culture. Guide available online. Texts in Spanish and Portuguese; guide in English.

Slavery and Antislavery Pamphlets from the Libraries of Salmon P. Chase & John P. Hale. 5 reels (MICROFILM E441 .M58 1974). Microfilm of pamphlet collection at Dartmouth College Library. Reels 1-5: Chase pamphlets. Reels 4-5: Hale pamphlets. Finding aid: Guide (REFERENCE E441 .M58 1974).

Sochineniia N.K. Mikhailovskago (Works. 1906) (Mikhailovskii, Nikolai Konstantinovich, 1842-1904). 103 fiches (MICROFICHE PG3467.M49 1906). Izd. 4-e. S.-Peterburg : Kn-vo "Russkoe bogatstvo," 1906-1914. 8 v. T. 2-8 have title: Polnoe sobranie sochinenii N.K.

Socialist Party of America Papers, 1897-1963. 142 reels (MICROFILM JK2391.S6 S63). Socialist Party of America Papers, 1919-1976 Addendum. 38 reels (MICROFILM JK2391.S6 S63 Addend). The papers contain correspondence, minutes of committee meetings and proceedings of conventions, financial records, court records, copies of speeches, press releases, organizers' reports, lists, photographs, broadsides, leaflets, pamphlets, books, and serialsFinding aids: Guide (REFERENCE JK2391.S6 S63 Guide) and Guide (JK2391.S6 S63 Addend Guide).

Social Science Microfilm. Mostly dissertations, with some major sets which are described elsewhere on this page. The inventory is arranged by entry number, 1-615.

Sogolub, Fyodor. Sobranie Sochinenii (Works, 1913). 107 fiches (MICROFICHE PG3470.T4 1980). Sologub, Fyodor, 1863-1927. Toma (Vol.) 2 is not included. Toma 1: Lazurnyia gory. 3: Zemnyia dieti. 4: Razskazy. 5: Voskhozhdeniia. 6: Melkii bies. Izd. 7-oe. 7: Dni pechali. 8: Dramaticheskiia proizvedeniia. 9: Zmieinyia ochi. 10: Skazochki i stat'i. 11: Kniga prevrashchenii. 12: Kniga stremlenii. Izd. 2-oe. 13: Zhemchuzhnyia svietila. 14: Neutolimoe. 15-16: Slashche.

Spanish Drama. Microfiche and Microprint (PQ6217 .S62 1972). A collection of Spanish, Catalonian and Spanish-American plays from the sixteenth century to the present.

Spanish Drama of the Golden Age. 86 reels (MICROFILM PQ6217.S63). Finding aid: :Spanish Drama of the Golden Age, (REFERENCE PQ6217.S63).

Spasovich, V. D. (Vladimir Danilovich), 1829-1906. Sochineniia V.D. Spasovicha (Works. 1913.) 49 fiches (MICROFICHE KM.S73751913). Izd. 2-e. S.-Peterburg : IUridicheskii knizhnyi sklad "Pravo", 1913. Law, Russia.

State Papers, Published under the Authority of His Majesty's Commission ... King Henry the Eighth. 120 fiches (MICROFICHE DA331.A45 ). Great Britain. Record Commission, 1830-52. Vol. I. pt. I.: Correspondence between the king and Cardinal Wolsey, 1518-1530. pt. II.: Correspondence between the king and his ministers, 1530-1547. Vol. II-III. pt. III.: Correspondence between the governments of England and Ireland, 1515-1546. Vol. IV-V. pt. IV.: Correspondence relative to Scotland and the borders, 1513-1546.--vol. VI-XI. pt. V.: Foreign Correspondence.

The Statutes at Large from the Magna Charta to the End of the Eleventh Parliament of Great Britain, 1225 to 1806. 439 fiches (MICROFICHE KD 130 1225) and 294 fiches (MICROFICHE KD 130 1225b). "The statutes of the realm (1225-1713) Printed by command of His Majesty King George the Third in pursuance of an address of the House of Commons of Great Britain. From original records and authentic manuscripts." Vols. 1-10 also available in paper format at the Law Library.

Survey of Mainland China Press. 135 reels (MICROFILM DS777.55.U53). Translations of Chinese press reports produced by the U.S. consulate in Hong Kong covering period November 1950-October 1973. See also FBIS, above.

- T -

Tests in Microfiche. (MICROFICHE LB3051.T44). Annual series of unpublished research instruments cited in educational and psychological literature, which the authors have agreed to make available in microfiche format. Finding aid: Cumulative Index to Tests in Microfiche 1975-1987 (Sets A-M) (REFERENCE LB 3051 .T453 1975/87) and The ETS Test Collection Catalog (REFERENCE LB 3051 .E79 1986). The Test Collection Catalog is not a finding aid to the microfiche collection alone but to many resources; check the "availability" field for each entry before going to the microfiche set to seek the item.

The Thomason Tracts. 256 reels (MICROFILM DA 370 .T45). Political pamphlets, books, newspapers, and manuscripts collected by George Thomason, 1640-1661, throughout the Civil War, the Commonwealth, and the start of the Restoration period. Finding aid: The Thomason Tracts, 1640-1661 (REFERENCE Z2018.T45 pt.1 and REFERENCE Z2018.T45 pt.2). The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

Three Centuries of Drama: American. Microprint 812.08 T413. Henry W. Wells, Editor. Finding aid: Three centuries of English and American plays, a checklist. England: 1500-1800, United States: 1714-1830 (REFERENCE Z2014.D7 B45 1963a). The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

Three Centuries of Drama: English.Microprint 822.08 T413. Henry W. Wells, Editor. Finding aid: Three centuries of English and American plays, a checklist. England: 1500-1800, United States: 1714-1830 (REFERENCE Z2014.D7 B45 1963a). The collection is stored in Room 191N in Government Documents.

Three Centuries of French Drama. 6407 Microcards (MICROCARD 842). Located to the right of HRAF (behind the change machine).

- U -

U.S. Department of State. Revolutionary Diplomatic Correspondence of the United States. 96 fiches (MICROFICHE E 249 .U583). Published in conformity with act of Congress of August 13, 1888, as a supplement to Wharton's Digest of the international law of the United States, taken from documents issued by presidents and secretaries of state [etc.], Washington, 1886. Correspondence from the records of the Department of State, from family archives and from published memoirs.

U.S. Interior Department. Records of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior Relating to Wagon Roads, 1857-1881. 12 reels (MICROFILM F 591 .U54 1946).

U.S. Office of Indian Affairs. Klamath Agency, Oregon. Annual Reports. 2 reels (MICROFILM E 99 .K7 U73 1950). Narrative and statistical reports covering years 1910-1936.

- V -

Van Gulik Collection: Chinese Books on Microfiche. 1692 fiches (MICROFICHE PL2446 .V36 1982 pt. 1). Collection acquired by the Sinological Institute of the University of Leiden, The Netherlands, in 1977, containing more than 2,500 titles in nearly 10,000 volumes. Part. 1: folk novels (117 titles on 822 fiches). Part. 2: literature and fine arts (132 titles on 670 fiches). Part 3: music scores and music books (53 titles on 200 fiches). Finding aid: Van Gulik Collection: Chinese Books on Microfiche (REFERENCE PL2446 .V36 1982 Guide).

The Virginia Woolf Manuscripts. 21 reels (MICROFILM PR6045.O72 A6 1993b). "Filmed from the holdings of the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American literature, New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox, and Tilden Foundations." Reels 1-3: Diaries; Reels 4-12: Manuscripts; Reel 13: Reading notebooks; Reels 14-21: correspondence. Finding aids: The Virginia Woolf Manuscripts from the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection at the New York Public Library (REFERENCE PR6045.O72 A6 1993b Index). There also is an inventory by the same title (REFERENCE PR6045.O72 A6 1993b Reel List); both titles are shelved together.

The Virginia Woolf Manuscripts from the Monks House Papers at the University of Sussex. 6 reels (MICROFILM PR6045.O72 A6 1985). Woolf, Virginia, 1882-1941. Includes 17 reading notebooks which provide insights into Virginia Woolf's habits of reading and criticism, sections of manuscript notes compiled in connection with "Three guineas" and with the biography of Roger Fry, 11 unpublished but complete stories and compositions dating from 1909-1930,and 6 unfinished draft stories and sketches. Also includes relevant manuscripts from papers of Leonard Woolf at the University of Sussex and the "Mrs. Dalloway" manuscript from the British Library. Finding aids: "Contents of reels" on Reel 1, and Guide (REFERENCE PR 6045 .072 A6 1985).

Voice of America. 84 reels (MICROFILM AC5.V6). Anti-Communist radio broadcasts; scripts for the years 1954-1974.

- WXYZ -

Wartime Conferences of the Combined Chiefs of Staff. 3 reels. (MICROFILM D 735.W37). World War II.

Western Americana: Frontier History of the Trans-Mississippi West. 616 reels at MICROFILM F 591 .W464. Supplementary reel at MICROFILM F591 .W464). Collection consists primarily of personal narratives, local histories and directories, economic materials, and state and federal documents, Congressional reports and Army general orders, broadsides, pamphlets, folders, and other ephemera. Finding aid: Western Americana: Frontier History of the Trans-Mississippi West, 1550-1900: Guide and Index to the Microfilm Edition (REFERENCE F591 .W464 guide).

William Henry Harrison Papers. 3 reels (MICROFILM E337.8 H37 1958).

William S. Gray Research Collection in Reading. 19,819 fiches (MICROFICHE LB1050.W438). Microfiche on literacy studies. Finding aid: Index (REFERENCE LB 1050.W438 Index).

World Conference of the United Nations Decade for Women : equality, development and peace. (MICROFICHE HQ1106 1980.W6). Conference Mondiale de la Decennie des Nations Unies pour la Femme : egalite, developpement et paix. 2524 pp. in various pagings. Finding aid: Index (REFERENCE HQ1106 1980.W6).

Yakima and Rogue River Wars. 3 reels (MICROFILM F 880 .O737 1954). 860 documents on these Northwest Pacific wars.


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