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  • (
      Web page of American Bankers Association. Contains sections on products, conferences, news, industry issues, consumer connections, surveys and statistics, and useful web site.


  • Banking Center (
      Features daily quotes on online banking, loans and deposits offered by financial institutions in each market. Covers metropolitan, state-by-state, regional and national composite benchmarks for each banking product, as well as useful snapshot profiles of the banking institutions. Benchmark quotes are generally based on the three largest financial institutions in each state, based on asset size and market share. From the New York Times and BanxQuote.


  • (
      Provides timely rates for auto loans, checking & ATM, credit cards, home equity, mortgages, and online banking. Also includes a loan calculator, and an extensive and useful how-to section.


  • BanxQuote: The Financial Supermarket (
      Provides daily market quotes on deposits and loans from financial institutions in all fifty states, with state-by-state, regional and national composite benchmarks.


  • Board of Governors, Federal Reserve System (
      Provides general information, press releases, testimony and speeches, monetary policy, research and data, community affairs, and other information related to the central bank of the United States.


  • FDIC Institution Directory (
      Provides the latest comprehensive financial and demographic data of every FDIC-insured institution, including the most recent quarterly financial statements, as well as performance and condition ratios. Data is available back to December 1992. From the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.


  • Federal Reserve Banks ( )
      A list of the twelve U.S. Federal Reserve Districts, with addresses, phone numbers, and Web sites.


  • International Monetary Fund (
      Offers the texts of all their complementary publications, as well as news releases, country publications, fund rates, standards and codes and a "what's new" column.


  • National Information Center (NIC) (
      Provides comprehensive information on banks and other institutions for which the Federal Reserve has supervisory, regulatory or research interest. Includes acquisition/institutions history, performance reports, top 100 banks, and other useful information.
  • What is a dollar worth?
      This site is hosted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. You enter the year that you would like to begin your comparison, the amount you are looking to compare, and final year you need for the comparative value of the dollar.




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