UO WorldCat

UO WorldCat

What is UO WorldCat?

UO WorldCat provides the user with a single interface to search for more than 90 million resources, including books, journals, videos and DVDs, CDs, maps, government documents. UO WorldCat also integrates all of the resources found in Summit and the FirstSearch interface of Worldcat, allowing users to look for items or topics with a single search.  UO WorldCat includes more than 60 million journal article citations from a variety of databases, including ArticleFirst, Medline, ERIC, British Library Serials, and more.  CAMIO (Catalog of Art Museum Images Online) images, a collection of approximately 95,000 images, are searchable and displayable through UO WorldCat.

When searching in UO WorldCat, entries for items owned by the UO Libraries will appear at the top of the list and will include information about location and availability.   Links for electronic materials and FindText are included when appropriate.  Items held by Summit libraries display as a second tier and can easily be requested through UO WorldCat.   Items found that are not owned either by the UO Libraries or by a Summit library can be requested through the interlibrary loan link. 

Learn more about how UO WorldCat and UO Local can best be used to meet your research needs.

Does UO WorldCat include all UO items?

At this time, UO WorldCat does not include information about items that are on order or in the process of being added to the library's collection.  Due to licensing restrictions, listings for some items in some online collections, including Eighteenth Century Collections Online, Early English Books Online, and the Cassidy law collections are not include.   These materials can still be found in the UO Local Catalog.

Does UO WorldCat contain citations from all of the library's databases?

UO WorldCat currently contains citations from ArticleFirst, Medline (medicine and health), ERIC (education), British Library Serials and (GPO) and ECO (Electronic Collections Online).  OCLC, the vendor for UO WorldCat, is actively working to license and index citations from other databases.   You can also browse a complete list of the library's databases.

Does UO WorldCat offer any special features? 

UO WorldCat offers many special services that will be of interest to users. 

  • Integrates Summit and/or interlibrary loan requesting in a single interface
  • Links to full text when the UO Libraries has a subscription
  • Shows how to cite an item in APA, Chicago, Havard, MLA and Turabian format
  • Allows export of citations into EndNote
  • Contains user-contributed reviews and ratings.  You can also contribute reviews and ratings after logging into your account.
  • Provides images of book jackets and a link to Google Book previews
  • Allows you to mark, save and email citations
  • Allows you to choose the interface language: German, English, Spanish, French, Dutch, or Chinese


How can I learn more about UO WorldCat?

Contact a UO Librarian!   OCLC publishes a Quick Reference Guide that provides tips on how to search, item availability, and requesting items.