UO Libraries New Search and Accounts System

UO Libraries New Search and Accounts System

The UO Libraries has launched a new service to look for materials in the library collections.

UO LibrarySearch creates a single discovery interface for our users that allows you to quickly find books, journal articles, media of all formats and digitized items.   LibrarySearch includes the complete collections of the 37 Summit libraries, close to 9 million titles and growing, and more than 26 million other resources, primarily articles and digital documents and images.   This new discovery interface unifies book, journal and article searching and allows both Summit borrowing and interlibrary loan from within a single interface.

LibrarySearch replaces both UO WorldCat and UO Local.

When you start to search, or connect to, in LibrarySearch, you will be asked to log-in into your LibrarySearch account.   By logging in to your LibrarySearch account when you get started, you will be offered the full suite of services and content that you are eligible for.  Additional authentication may be requested when you try to connect to some of the library’s electronic resources which are available on vendor suites.

Created by tvs on Jun 20, 2014 Last updated Jun 20, 2014