University of Oregon

Teaching with Technology

Use campus classroom equipment
View a list of campus classroom specifications and tutorials on using the equipment.

Get easy Blackboard help
Chat with a consultant about your Blackboard questions. 

Find out more about Blackboard
Keep track of Blackboard news. 

Maximize your use of Blackboard
Become a power user of Blackboard.  Incorporate content, media and discussions.

Create direct journal article links on Blackboard
Connect students directly to a specific journal article in Blackboard.

Incorporate media content
Get help integrating web publishing, digital video, and other technologies into your class.

Produce media
Borrow high-quality equipment, add media to your courses, and consult with interactive media and video production experts.

Work with video conferencing / distance education.
Teach students and collaborate with colleagues at all UO locations and partner sites worldwide.

Teach students specific technologies
Request customized technology workshops for your class.

Use technologies at the libraries
Get students connected with the specialized computer programs. Encourage students to practice their interactive media presentations. 

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