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Exhibit Preparation

The following guidelines may be useful for exhibitors to plan and create an exhibit.

1. Fill out the Exhibit Proposal Form

Note that most exhibits are scheduled one year in advance. After your proposal is submitted, you will be contacted by a member of the Library's Exhibits Team.

2. Choose your exhibit location

Vertical display cases in the two corridors leading from Knight Library lobby to the reference area UO faculty, staff, and affiliated organizations
Flat display cases outside Browsing Room
Display cases in Music Services UO faculty, staff, and affiliated organizations for music-related displays

Flat display cases outside Special Collections

Special Collections and University Archives

3. Consult with the Exhibit Team

Exhibit leaders should consult with the Exhibit Team ( The Exhibit Team will help with designing and producing posters, exhibit labels, original graphic design, and signage. The Exhibit Team also provides exhibit installation support for all library branches.

4. Prepare publicity materials

Exhibitors should provide a final description of the exhibit to the library's Communication and Marketing Department. This information will be used to create an announcement for the library's website and other UO calendars.

If you plan to create a poster or other printed publicity materials, please discuss this in your meetings with the Exhibit Team.

5. Installing & Disassembling the Exhibit

Exhibit Services will oversee the instalation and disassembling of each exhibit.

6. Plan ahead

Exhibit Planning Timeline

Six to nine months before exhibit opens
  • Meet with Exhibit Team to flesh out proposal, plan timeline, and resource lists.
  • If a student intern will be working on the exhibit, seek candidates.
Six months before exhibit opens
  • Review timeline
  • Begin research and start selecting materials to be exhibited
Four months before exhibit opens
  • Meet with Exhibits Team to present plans; review budget; receive comments, help and referrals
  • Consult with Exhibit Team to plan for text panels, reproduction, mounting options, and other services
Three months before exhibit opens
  • Complete research
  • Make final selection of materials and items for display
  • Outline text panels & captions
Two months before exhibit opens
  • Write text panels and captions
  • Contact Communications and Marketing to edit text and plan publicity
  • Submit text and images to Exhibit Services for processing
  • Work with Exhibit Services to layout display
Month of exhibit opening
  • Install the exhibit
  • Exhibits Team will have photos taken
Exhibit ends
  • Take down exhibit


Contact UO Library Exhibits, Amanda Garcia, Library Exhibits Liaison.

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