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Exhibits at the University of Oregon Libraries

The exhibits program of the University of Oregon Libraries is a valuable means of promoting the educational mission of the libraries and its relationship with the academic community.

The goals of the exhibit program are

  • to highlight the strengths and diversity of the library's collections
  • to promote library programs and campus events
  • to acknowledge gifts and to encourage giving
  • to celebrate library and university milestones and accomplishments

Current Exhibits:


Brazil: Order and Progress

An exhibit in the Knight Library

Winter Term 2017

The University of Oregon offers a wide range of courses, events, and materials from and about Brazil -- the largest economy in South America, a growing force on the world stage, and host to major international gatherings like the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Summer Olympics. This exhibit will acquaint patrons with the UO Libraries’ Brazilian materials, courses about Brazil offered at the UO, and the country’s culture and history.



Exchange Students as Cultural Ambassadors

The Forgotten Story of Japanese Women Who Studied in the United States, 1949-1966

An exhibit in the Knight Library

Between 1949 and 1966, at least 4,713 Japanese students studied at American universities. This group included 651 women. Among them were future leaders in fields as diverse as literature, medicine, athletics, and political science. The story of these women is one of history, memory, and empowerment.

Curated by Associate Professor Alisa Freedman (Department of East Asian Languages), this exhibit of UO Libraries materials examines how exchange students formed a bridge between the United States and Japan in the early Cold War era and were a forgotten but major force in women’s advancement. This exhibit will be up through January 2017. It is located in the flat cases in front of Knight Library's Browsing room.


You Must Never Look Away From This
An Artists’ Books Selection Inspired by Between the World and Me

An exhibit in the AAA Library

Winter term 2017

This exhibit in the Architecture and Allied Arts (A&AA) Library highlights artists’ books that relate to themes in this year’s common reading selection, Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates. The books on view address race, identity, privilege, capitalism, education, diaspora, and family—as lived, studied, observed, and expressed by a variety of artists.


Law Library Exhibits Explore the Life of Minoru Yasui

An exhibit in the Law Library

June 2016 - May 2017


Born in Hood River, Oregon, Minoru Yasui (1916–86) earned both an undergraduate degree and a law degree at the University of Oregon. Yasui was one of four Japanese Americans who fought the legality of exclusion zones, curfews, and internment during World War II all the way to the Supreme Court. His case was the first to test the constitutionality of the curfews targeted at minority groups.

The United States Supreme Court affirmed Yasui’s conviction for breaking curfew. After being interned during most of World War II, he moved to Denver, Colorado in 1944, where he had a long and distinguished career with the city's Community Relations Commission. In 1986, his criminal conviction was overturned in federal court.

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