Exhibit Proposal Form

Exhibit Proposal Form

Printable version of the Exhibit Request Form Exhibit Request Forms filled out in paper may be submitted in person or via campus mail to Sheila Gray in the University Librarian's office.


Are you working with a library faculty or staff person to plan and execute this exhibit? If not, the Exhibit Committee will appoint an appropriate library liaison to facilitate this process.
In the box above, please list the names of your exhibit team members and their UO department or affiliation.


For example, is it seasonal and/or associated with an event on campus?


A working title is fine.
Attach extra page if necessary
How does this exhibit meet the guidelines for library exhibits?


In the box above list the Library Materials you intend to use in your exhibit as well as the Library Branch or Collection where they reside
In the box above list any materials that are privately owned or from another repository. Please state the source or owner of these objects as well.
The University of Oregon Libraries does not provide security nor insurance for privately owned items beyond that which is regularly provided for library owned materials. Are any of the privately owned materials of significant monetary value?
Exhibits should be of sufficient size and scope to fill the four glass display cases in the entrance corridors for the Knight Library. Explain any special physical requirements your exhibit may have.
Describe any publicity such as press releases, newspaper articles or advertisements planned for this exhibit.
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