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Library Diversity Committee

Current and Past Events




  • Dec. 19: Part of X-Day 2013 (library staff in-service day): "UO Veterans Oral History Project," with Prof. Alex Dracobly, UO Dept. of History.
  • Dec. 19: Part of X-Day 2013 (library staff in-service day): Introduction to Edward S. Curtis's "The North American Indian," with Special Collections staff. Photo exhibit and discussion.


  • September: "Implicit Bias in Hiring: What We Don't Know That We Don't Know" workshop with Annie Bentz, Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity. (Co-sponsored with GOLD).
  • September: X-Day events: Staff Planning Process on Strategic Direction #6: Advance Diversity [look for notes on Iris GOLD site soon] (with GOLD)
  • August: "Preventing and Dealing with Sexual Harassment" workshop with Cris Cullinan (with GOLD)
  • May: "Transgender: Education, Ally-ship and Celebration" presentation with student, Valyn Fare (Lending Services) (with GOLD)


  • September: X-Day events: "Introduction to Tribal Legacies Projects"; "Strategies for Building & Using Diverse Collections" (with GOLD)


  • January: "Student Veterans at the UO" (with GOLD)
  • February: "Latino Families in Oregon: Challenges and Promise" (follow-up to 2009 X-Day session) (with GOLD)
  • November: "Oregon Folk Life Network" (with GOLD)
  • December: X-Day events: "Oregon Digital Newspaper Program: An Overview" [women in Oregon history]; "West Meets East: Why Our Relationships with Asian and Pacific Rim Countries Matter"; "Culturally-Sensitive Collaboration at Wired Humanities Projects" (with GOLD)


  • September: X-Day events: "Latino Families in Oregon: Challenges and Promise"; "Big Ideas: Americas in a Globalized World"; "The Restoration of Vanishing Indigenous Languages"; "Not Your Grandfather's Digital Library: The Evolution of e-Asia"  (with GOLD)
  • November: "Millennials in the Library" (webinar) (with GOLD).


Diversity Film Series:

  • January: Vital Signs: Crip Culture Talks Back
  • February: Give My Poor Heart Ease: Mississippi Delta Bluesmen; Lip
  • March: She Even Chewed Tobacco
  • April: A Home on the Range: Jewish Chicken Ranchers of Petaluma
  • May: Between Two Worlds: Hmong Shamans in America; Nalini By Day, Nancy By Night


  • November: Hungarian graduate library science intern, Andrasz Liskai - presentation






  • "The Way Home" video and discussion
  • "Welcome to the University of Oregon Libraries ... Connecting Diverse Resources with a Diverse Community" exhibit
  • "Made in Oregon: UO Authors" web site



  • Tour of Museum of Art Asian Collection
  • Cross-Cultural Differences workshop
  • "Smoke Signals" video
  • Exhibit on Oregon Native Americans


  • "The Blues from Mississippi to Chicago" presentation
  • Exhibit on Blues Music
  • Tour and open house at Museum of Natural History
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