Diversity Strategic Action Plan

Library Diversity Committee

Library Diversity Plan

Plan (PDF)

Annual Progress Report, 2011

The Library Diversity Committee aims to encourage and celebrate diversity at the University of Oregon and in the library community. The committee's programs and policy are based on the University's Diversity Plan. The University's plan was created because:

"The University is a place where people from different cultures and experiences learn together; understanding and respecting these differences are critical for the University to be a place of open-minded inquiry where, in challenging the boundaries of knowledge, we include and value all members of our community.

We therefore affirm, in the words of the University Mission Statement, 'the principles of equality of opportunity and freedom from unfair discrimination for all members of the university community and an acceptance of true diversity as an affirmation of individual identity within a welcoming community.' We affirm the University's commitment to equity, to diversity, and to the development of faculty, students, officers of administration, and staff who will participate effectively in a global society."

As a major site of intellectual pursuit on the University's campus, the library can play a significant role in helping the University to achieve its goals. The Library Diversity Plan will help us to work towards this mission.

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