Library Diversity Committee

Library Diversity Committee

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The purpose of the Library Diversity Committee (LDC)  is to monitor library-wide progress toward goals of the Library Diversity Plan (LDP); to provide leadership and support for library department heads, faculty and staff toward the fulfillment of LDP goals; and to monitor library-wide progress toward LDP goals.

The LDC will fulfill this charge through the following means:

  1. Consult and communicate regularly with department heads and other appropriate groups regarding progress toward goals
  2. Meet quarterly with Library Administration to report on progress toward LDP goals
  3. Coordinate preparation of annual progress reports and updates to the LDP for submission to the Office of Internal Equity and Inclusion.
  4. Collaborate with the Libraries' Organizational Learning and Development Team (GOLD) to identify appropriate diversity-related training opportunities for library staff


Current Members:

  • Currently Seeking New Members for 2014-2016!! (Contact Shane Turner)
  • Barbara Jenkins, Director, Library Instruction & Campus Partnerships (2013-2015)
  • Ex-officio: Adriene Lim, Dean of Libraries
  • Ex-officio: Shane Turner, Director, Library Organizational Development & Human Resources [facilitator]


The Library Diversity Committee began as the Library Diversity Task Force, established in October 1996 by George Shipman, then University Librarian, to develop a library-wide diversity program. The initial goal of the task force, associated with Association of Research Library's diversity efforts, was to keep diversity in the forefront of library-wide activities. To this end, it sponsored several diversity-related public events and commenced the development of a multicultural resource guide. In March 1998, Shipman created a formal Library Diversity Advisory Group, and the group's name became the Library Diversity Committee in November 2000. The committee's efforts achieved special recognition in 2000 when past and present members were honored with UO's Martin Luther King, Jr. Award. The committee continues to carry out its important charge with monitoring the Library Diversity Strategic Alliance Plan (SAP).

Join Us

The LDC meets regularly to accomplish the goals set forth in the Library Diversity Plan. Please contact us if you are interested in attending a meeting. All Library staff and faculty are welcome. Any questions should be directed to the LDC facilitator, Shane Turner.

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