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35mm Slide Collections

The slide collection was organized in the 1940s and now includes approximately 75,000 cataloged slides and 70,000 uncataloged gift slides. Notable gift slides include the collection of Marion Dean Ross, covering world architecture, and Michael Shellenbarger, focusing on historic preservation. Digitization of these unique resources is ongoing, and many are included in the Building Oregon and Art & Architecture Images digital collections.  The library also holds a selection of lantern slides by the architectural firm Lord & Schryver as well as a collection of stereoscopic slides.


Architectural Drawings Collection

The A&AA Library Architectural Drawings Collection contains selected student work produced between 1914 and the early 1970s from the Department of Architecture as well as professional work by A. E. Doyle, Roi L. Morin, Wilhelm Bietz, and others. Inventories of these collections are availab.e  Several examples of drawings have been digitized and can be found in the Art and Architecture Images collection here.  A finding aid for the historic student drawings collection is now in preparation.

Hollis E. Johnston, Corinthian, 1920

Architectural Models

The A&AA Library Architectural Models Collection numbers about 60 models of high quality created for the most part by students of Marion Dean Ross as assignments for architectural history classes.  The library also holds a large number of models representing Native American architecture.




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