Oregon Digital Newspaper Program Process

Process & Timeline - Oregon Digital Newspaper Program

Triptych of Washington hand press used to print the Oregon Spectator (Oregon's first newspaper), photography by Amanda Garcia, Preservation Technician, UO Libraries

The original Washington hand press used 1846-1855 to print the  Oregon Spectator , first newspaper of the West. Currently housed at Allen Hall by the University of Oregon School of Journalism.  Photography by Mandi Garcia.


  • Step One: Title Selection
  • Step Two: Page Count Estimates
  • Step Three: Microfilm Evaluation 
  • Step Four: Microfilm Collation
  • Step Five: Microfilm Duplication
  • Step Six: Vendor Digitzation, OCR and Article Coordinates Applied
  • Step Seven: Backup Data for Preservation
  • Step Eight:  Quality Review of Data and Images
  • Step Nine: Send to Library of Congress for inclusion in Chronicling America (NEH funded titles only)
  • Step Ten: Load on ODNP Website (All titles)


Workflow Documentation (PDF)


2009 - phase one of National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP) funding

2010 - Historic Oregon Newspapers website live

2011 - over 100,000 pages of content added to Historic Oregon Newspapers, NDNP phase two

2012 - more than 200,000 newspaper pages available on the site

2013 - NDNP phase three, over 300,000 pages available

2014 - Historic Oregon Newspapers website reaches over 500,000 pages!

2015 - final year of NDNP funding, over 600,000 pages available online



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