Consulting for Digitization and Metadata

Consulting for Digitization and Metadata

Are you unsure if your materials are suitable for digitization or how to digitize your physical documents or images?  Do you have questions about how to organize your digital content?

The Digital Scholarship Center provides consulting on digitization, organization, description, and preservation of your digital projects to help present your materials in way that is both meaningful and sustainable. 

Metadata—what it is and why it matters:

  • Metadata, or data about data, enables users to find relevant information and promotes the discovery of quality resources in the digital environment. Recognized descriptive standards such as Dublin Core and Encoded Archival Description (EAD) are employed to manage, share and maintain collections, but we can also provide advice on metadata standards for your particular field of study or individual project needs.
  • Descriptive metadata such as author, title, keywords and abstracts are provided by or in collaboration with you, the content creator.
  • We add technical metadata that specifies software and hardware needed to view files, along with the history of any migrations.  This promotes preservation and long-term access to content and provides a guide to future users and managers of the resource for long-term viability.

Digital media management and preservation

  • "Digital materials are especially vulnerable to loss and destruction because they are stored on fragile magnetic and optical media that deteriorate rapidly and that can fail suddenly from exposure to heat, humidity, airborne contaminants, or faulty reading and writing devices." (Hedstrom and Montgomery 1998)
  • DSC staff focus on preventing the technological obsolescence that is the greatest threat to digital preservation with good practices that include the use of standard, current file and media formats, and proper storage and handling of media.
  • Assessment of media formats and migration of data to stable, current storage formats for electronic text, image, and database applications help to ensure longevity of resources.

Thinking about a digitization project?  DSC staff can assist with:

  • Selection of materials, assessing the size of the collection, and preparing the source materials..
  • Referral to appropriate information about establishing rights.
  • Digitizing and post-processing of materials, including technical handling of the master files.
  • Metadata for search engine optimization and preservation.
  • Hosting projects
  • Digital preservation of university collections and records
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