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New Digital Collections Underway (2015-2016) 

Selected Digital Collections 

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Metadata for Digital Collections 

Oregon Digital operates under linked open data principles. Rather than prescribe a specific schema, we believe in description at the appropriate level with properties available in an open world context. Individual templates are created for easy entry for particular collections and groups of items.

Metadata in Scholars' Bank utilizes Qualified Dublin Core, NDLTD properties, and DataCite properties.

Digital Preservation 

The University of Oregon Libraries makes a good-faith effort to maintain the viability of digital materials. Practices employed include:

  • Multiple copies and back-ups
  • Using open file formats when possible
  • Retaining multiple file versions and software if needed
  • Check-sums
  • Version control
  • Good metadata and file-naming practices
  • Off-site backup storage
  • Periodic file audits 
  • Monitoring the technological environment to prepare for file migration for obsolescence
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