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About UO Digital Library Collections

According to its mission statement, the "University of Oregon Libraries enriches the student learning experience, encourages exploration and research at all levels, and contributes to advancements in access to scholarly resources." Digital collections, like all collections within the University of Oregon Libraries, are designed to support the instructional and research needs of the University of Oregon and the citizens of the state of Oregon. The key to building successful, durable digital collections is to develop and strengthen partnerships within the Libraries, across campus, with specific user communities, and with our counterparts at other institutions. Materials in the Libraries' digital collections are carefully selected by collection curators and subject specialists, digitized according to prevailing standards, described in such a way as to facilitate their discovery and use, and preserved so that they will be accessible over the long term.

In spring 2010, the UO Library Digital Collections partnered with Oregon State University Libraries to create Oregon Digital merging the collections from both universities.

Current efforts

To search the live collections visit the Digital Collections Home page.


There are two main platforms for Digital Collections. A majority of collections are available on CONTENTdm software: http://oregondigital.org/. The Institutional Repository, Scholars' Bank, and other digital collections are available on DSpace: http://scholarsbank.uoregon.edu.

The e-Asia Digital Library is hosted on a separate database.

In addition, UO Libraries Center for Media & Educational Technologies (CMET) manages a streaming media server service.


The history of the inception and evolution of Digital Collections at the UO Libraries has been maintained.


For information or questions about the UO Libraries' digital collections, contact Karen Estlund, Head, Digital Library Services

For information about Art & Architecture Images and classroom use of images, contact Julia Simic, Visual Resources Librarian

For information about streaming media and the UO Channel, contact CMET.


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