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New Additions in the UO Libraries


May 2014

New Additions to the University of Oregon Libraries features lists of new publications, mostly books or monographs, recently donated items, particular formats such as maps, compact discs, videos, or DVDs, and some recataloged items. The Library updates "New Additions to the UO Libraries" monthly. Please feel free to bookmark this site and stay informed about recent library holdings.

The lists are arranged largely by subject, according to Library of Congress classifications (i.e. BF for psychology, ND for painting, PR for British literature, QC for physics).The New Additions lists also allow users to go directly to the catalog record for each item. Viewing this record allows users to check the availability and location of library materials.

Library users interested in creating a more individualized profile of new library materials should make use of the search saver feature accessible when you search the catalog while logged into "Your Patron Record." This feature allows you to save the strategies you use to locate materials related to your areas of research, interest, or entertainment. Every week, you will automatically receive email notification of new books, based on your preferred saved strategies.


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