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Studio A is a unique classroom used primarily for originating and receiving teleconferences, telecourses and videoconferences. Programs can be sent to, or received from, satellite, compressed video, or IP teleconferencing. This room connects the university to the world. Equipped with five large monitors, the room also has a variety instruments designed to enhance teleconferences: two remote control cameras; a VCR; a visualizer (an "overhead" for video); an ethernet connection for access to the Internet; phone and fax lines; a projection screen; and a scan convertor, which converts computer output to NTSC video. Other equipment can be added depending on the needs of a particular conference. Many types of conferences are held in Studio A, each varying greatly in scope and particular technologies. Staff will help design and coordinate each conference; users should not hesitate to call and discuss their particular needs and goals. The rapid growth and wide variety of communication technologies can be confusing to the casual user - Media Services Educational Television exists to help identify the appropriate technology for your conference.

Rates for these services vary. Often, external entities must be compensated for providing connections. Please call for more specific information.

Studio A is scheduled through the Library Room Schedules link. For more information contact Lynette Boone at 541-346-1943.

Knight Library 36 Classroom Specs


CMET maintains "video production friendly" locations. These spaces have video production capabilities built into the rooms. It is no coincidenence that these rooms are also some of the largest on campus, making them popular choices for large events and presentations.

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