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Video Conferencing Services

Video conferencing uses sound and video from each participant in real time with other participants in other physical locations, enabling those participants to have a real-time exchange. Additionally, participants can share presentations and documents from a computer. Video conferencing allows for improved communication abilities, enhanced opportunities, and productive colloboration. 


Web conferencing (Software-based)

BlueJeans, Skype, Facetime and Google Hangouts. These services are software-based, requiring a computer or mobile device to connect to the other parties.


Video Conferencing (Hardware-based)

Some rooms on campus, including Knight Library 36 (Studio A), have dedicated hardware-specific systems that are generally more capable and reliable. Many of the room-based hardware systems have multiple cameras which may be panned or zoomed depending on who in the room is speaking. Hardware-based video conferencing systems are better suited for larger groups and more complex setups.

The UO Libraries Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) originates and receives teleconferences, telecourses and videoconferences for the University of Oregon community using standards-based H323 and SIP video conferencing hardware.

The primary video conferencing site, Studio A at the Knight Library, is fully equipped distance education and video conferencing classroom seating 45 capable of supporting one-off and regularly-scheduled video conferences and distance education sessions.

Please call well in advance to ensure availability and discuss your event with Center for Media and Educational Technologies staff. Rates vary and may include connection fees. For more information contact the CMET Video team. 


General pool classrooms with video conferencing capabilities

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