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Streaming Media & Podcasts

Delivering media to global audiences

With state-of-the-art streaming media and conversion facilities, the UO Libraries Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) can produce live webcasts (capturing and transmission of live courses and events) in Windows Media, RealMedia, Quicktime and MPEG formats as well as convert traditional video to almost any digital format including CD-ROM and DVD. Following is a list of some of the technologies housed in the streaming media and conversion facilities:

  • Complete media conversion system for all common input and output video and audio formats
  • Multi-terabyte capacity for storage and Real Helix Universal streaming server
  • Fiberoptic video feed from multiple points on the U of O campus and selected off campus facilities for real time encoding and distribution
  • Production studios
  • High-speed DVD and CD printing station
  • Real time DVD recording unit
  • Global distribution using content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • Web production and authoring for professional, interactive cross-platform delivery of your video assets via the internet to a global audience
  • Podcasting consultation
  • Direct fiber connection to Vyvx, a global fiber network providing broadcast-quality transmission

See our complete list of streaming media services or check out our project showcase to learn more.

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