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Video Production and Media Services

The UO Libraries Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) offers the following services to the University of Oregon community, state agencies, and non-profit organizations:

  • Professional video studio and field video production services
  • Event streaming and recording (live and on-demand streaming video)
  • Videoconferencing/distance education facilities and support (Knight 36, aka "Studio A")
  • Point-of-origin Vyvx connection, which provides high definition video to broadcast networks worldwide via fiber optic network (more info)
  • On-campus television studio (Knight 45)
  • ISDN codec for broadcast-quality radio interviews
  • Video editing and other post-production services
  • On demand video hosting on the UO Media Channel
  • And more... ask us!

Complete our project intake form to schedule a production or request a quote/more information.

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CMET maintains "video production friendly" locations in Lillis 182/282, Global Scholars 123, Ford Alumni Center Ballroom, Lawrence 115 & 177 and Straub 156. These spaces have video production capabilities built into the rooms. It is no coincidenence that these rooms are also some of the largest on campus, making them popular choices for large events and presentations.

Need help with event audio or event production? Have UO Event Services help! We've worked with them for many years.

To the extent possible, service fees are waived for UO CRN-related instructional projects, although duplication and other direct expenses may be assessed on a cost-recovery basis. Rates and related fees apply for non-CRN-related University productions, state agencies, and other organizations.

For more information, please contact Andre Chinn at (541) 346-2154 or

CMET Video Team

Ward Biaggne
Lynette Boone
Scheduling Manager, Videographer
  Tyler Brandt
Technical Systems Integrator
Andre Chinn
Video Production & Streaming Services Manager
Mike Majdic


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