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Instructional Design

Check out these e-learning tools to support your instruction and research.

The UO Libraries Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) offers a variety of services to help UO instructors with the design and development of instructional materials for UO courses and research.

Instructional Design Consulting

CMET can provide assistance with the design and development of instructional materials from writing objectives and doing task analysis to developing content and designing assessment. With professional experience in instructional design, information architecture, and training, CMET staff can provide the guidance to build sound instructional materials as well as refer instructors to other Library and UO services available to support their teaching goals.

Learning Objects (tutorials, simulations, animations, web sites...)

Interested in finding or developing interactive tutorials, simulations, animations, or web-sites to help students learn important concepts, themes or principles? CMET can help. CMET staff, in coordination with Library Subject Specialists, can help UO instructors find ready-made resources to use in your courses. And if it doesn't exist, we can build it and link it from a Canvas course website. It's that easy.

Hybrid Courses

In collaboration with the Teaching Effectiveness Program, the Center for Media and Educational Technologies provides training and resources on how to reduce in-class lecture time in favor of computer-mediated activities which support other learning styles. The benefits of a hybrid course are many, ranging from increased student engagement to the opportunity to reassess what and how instruction is delivered.


Copyright issues affect faculty in numerous ways. Among the questions:

  • what rules limit my use of other people's work in my teaching?
  • what is "fair use"?
  • how can I protect my own work?
  • who owns student work?

Learn more about copyright issues on our Copyright Resources page.

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