Center for Media and Educational Technologies Telecourses and Distance Education

Video Conference Courses and Distance Education

The UO Libraries Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) originates and receives synchronous (live) distance education courses and guest lectures offered at the UO's branch campuses and partner sites worldwide.

Getting Started

Successful telecourses require advance planning. To ensure availability of facilities at all participating sites, we strongly recommend consulting with CMET staff at least two terms before the class will be offered. Existing courses may require significant restructuring for the distance environment, and we work closely with the Teaching Effectiveness Program to coordinate instructional design and instructor training to ensure pedagogical, interpersonal, technical and logistical success. See also Tips for Teaching With Videoconferencing and  Videoconference Event Preparation  from the UO Portland Library and Learning Commons.


Supported technologies include satellite, compressed video, and IP videoconferencing. Live, two-way, high resolution broadcasts nearly replicate on-site delivery.


Our primary origination site in Eugene is Studio A ( 36 Knight Library). Studio A seats 42 students and is equipped with five large monitors, two remote control cameras, microphones for presenter and audience, VCR, visualizer (document camera), ethernet connection for access to the Internet, phone and fax lines, projection screen, and computer-to-video scan convertor. Other equipment can be added depending on the needs of a particular course. Additional origination facilities are available in several campus classrooms. The same rooms can also be used as receive sites for courses and events originating at other UO locations or at a partner institution. Contact Classroom Technologies or the UO Portland Library and Learning Commons for further information about the features and current status of these facilities.

Lecture Capture

The Tandberg Content Server (TCS) is available for telecourse instructors who want to record their lectures for on-demand access. The system supports simultaneous viewing of the instructor along with source material from Powerpoint slides, projected images, or objects from a document camera.

For more information about video-based telecourses and support of distance education, please contact Michael Majdic at (541) 346-1945.

Beginning Fall 2013, we are also piloting new "personal" lecture capture software that can be used either in the classroom or on your desktop/laptop. If you are interested, please contact CMET Consulting at or (541)346-1942.

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