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Classroom Equipment Tutorials and Instructions 

Call CMET for emergency classroom technology support: 541-346-3091

We have 2 equipment systems on campus. Both the Crestron and Extron systems will include a computer/video projector, and appropriate VGA cables, DVD and/or VCR players and a sound system.
Most rooms have a document camera installed and some have blu-ray players. We are beginning to install HDMI capable projectors in most of our classrooms. Please check back for updates.

The two user friendly systems do require some amount of practice in their operation.
We suggest that you:

  • Review the  Classroom SpecificationsThis page lists all the general use classrooms and the equipment system type, seating styles, pictures of the classrooms, links for text instructions, room reservation request forms, and schedules of group equipment tutorials.
  • Determine your classroom type listed in the Specifications above.
  • Review our text directions for the classroom type in which you will be teaching.
  • Visit your classroom in advance of the term start to make sure you know how to operate the installed equipment.
  • Plan to attend an individual or group tutorial.
  • If you still need more practice, and one on one instruction, feel free to contact us at either 346-3091 or for an individual tutorial. 


Classroom Equipment Tutorials

Learn how to use the technology for your course whether it’s the equipment in the classroom or the course management system (Canvas), blogs, and wikis you want to incorporate into your teaching. Whether you want to learn the Crestron control system for the instructor’s podium, plug in your laptop, test out the document camera, get a wireless microphone, stream your class live, set up your blog or Canvas course, or connect via videoconference to any location across campus or the world, you’ll be glad you did this today instead of the first day of classes!

CRESTRON ROOM TUTORIALS: If you are scheduled to teach in any Crestron equipped room, please stop by CMET during office hours anytime to familiarize yourself with the Crestron Touch panel. We can also schedule by appointment via 346-3091.

NOTE: We are not be able to schedule individual tutorials during the first week of any term. We can help over the phone and will come to your class to help get you started. However, please plan to visit your room before the term starts. 

Adapters and Audio Cables: Generally, computer audio cables or MAC adapters are not installed in classrooms. We are happy to give you an audio cable if you are a Faculty member, Instructor or GTF. Just stop by our desk and ask for one!



Lillis/Chiles/Peterson/Anstett Buildings.

The User Name is:  LCB-Class(and then the room number). Ex:  LCB-Class182.
The Password is: Class#( and then the room number). Ex: Class#182
If you need assistance or directions on using these computers, please contact the Chiles Help Desk on the 3rd floor of the Chiles Building at 346-3244 or CMET at 346-3091.
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