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There is a new version of iClicker available, v7.10. The Windows and Mac versions are available for download below, along with instructions on how to upgrade your software. This new version fixes the issue of having to complete a student poll before the roster will sync completely. 

*With the new version of iClicker, v7.10, Mac users running Sierra v10.12.2 will need to follow special instructions to download and install iClicker software on the Mac. Those instructions are included in the "Downloads" section below. Should you have an issue with your iClicker software please contact the Educational Technology/Canvas Support Office – (541) 346-1942.

What are iClickers?




iClickers are a classroom response system.  They are used by instructors in any size class to do polling on questions about course content, quiz students on concepts, and more.  Students purchase their iClicker from the Duck Store, or a friend who is no longer using their iClicker. Note: clickers cannot be shared by students during the same term.  Also, iClicker, from Macmillan, offers a classroom response system called Reef Polling, where students use their own devices to respond in class.  Reef Polling is not supported at the University of Oregon, as we do not have a license with Macmillan for Reef Polling.

How to get started with iClickers?

Make an appointment or stop in at the Educational Technology & Canvas Support Office, and one of our consultants will help with installing software on your laptop, and go through set-up of the software.  Also, you will learn how to manage the responses and add them to Canvas.  Educational Technology & Canvas Support will provide you with the clickers and base station to get you started.

iclicker Documentation

Instructions for setting up and using iClicker:

Instructions for updating iClicker software:


Software Downloads

(please unzip files after downloading)  See note above re. iclicker updates.
  • iClicker_7.10_Windows (ZIP file – Contains all necessary software for PC – updated 01/06/2017)
  • iClicker_7.10_Mac (Please see special instructions below for downloading and installing iClicker for the Mac – updated 05/22/2017)
    • Special instructions for the Mac: (note that you will be installing version 7.12

      Go to:   

      Download iClicker Classic software for the Mac, you must download it directly from the iClicker website, double-click the .dmg file to mount it (it will appear like a removable USB drive on your Mac), create a new folder on your Mac entitled “i>clicker 7” (or similar), then copy/paste the file from within the .dmg disk image into this new folder. Once you run i>clicker from this new folder, all the supporting files and folders will be created as normal and i>clicker will function as before.

      To configure the software for UO and have it integrate with Canvas, you will need to download the LMS_Wizard.xml file.  Unzip the file and add it to the “Resources” folder of this new i>clicker software in order to take advantage of the integration with Canvas.

iClicker Mailing List

  • The iClicker mailing list is only used to distribute important updates about changes and issues regarding iClicker at UO.
  • To register for the iClicker mailing list, send an email (leaving the body of the message and the subject line blank) or by clicking here and completing the registration form.
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