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Equipment Reservation Request Form

Please use the form below to submit requests for equipment or services. Instructors may check out the equipment from Center for Media and Educational Technologies front desk, or may request that staff deliver these items, at no charge, to campus classrooms and departmental (not individual) offices. Instructors who need additional assistance may also request a staff operator. Equipment reservations may also be made in person, or over the phone (541-346-3091). Requests for equipment/operators should be received no later than 2:00pm of the business day before the event or class. CMET provides equipment only for UO CRN classes or projects. All other requests should be submitted to UO Scheduling & Event Services at 541-346-6000 or

Find below our 2 categories for equipment reservation:  1) classroom delivery  2) patron pickup (non-deliverables)

Equipment pick up reservations are subject to cancellation one hour after the scheduled pick up time.

Example: ENG 121

Please check the campus classrooms to see if equipment is installed before completing this request.

Delivery/pickup: CMET will deliver portable equipment to classrooms if the person requesting or using equipment can be met in the room at requested time. As an alternative, the material can be delivered to a departmental office.


Please note: Please allow processing time.  We will not confirm the reservation but will contact you if there is a problem with your reservation request.

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