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The UO Libraries' Center for Media and Educational Technologies (CMET) supports the physical and virtual learning environments at the University of Oregon. We provide classroom technology design and maintenance, educational video production, streaming media services, learning management system (Blackboard) and instructional technology support for teaching/learning, research, public service, and outreach. Services include:

Instructional Technology Support and Workshops for Faculty and GTFs

  • Blackboard
  • Canvas
  • iClickers
  • Instructional Technology Support for faculty and GTFs
  • Emerging technologies consultation for faculty and GTFs
  • Instructional Design and Hybrid Course Development
  • Document scanning and related digitization services for integration into Blackboard and Canvas

Classroom Technology Support

  • Classroom Technology Refresh for UO's general pool and joint control classrooms
  • Classroom technology equipment  training and support for faculty, instructors, and GTFs
  • Design and installation services for audio/visual/presentation systems 
  • Audio / Video equipment for checkout by students and faculty for instructional purposes

Video Production and Streaming Services

  • Professional Video production services
  • Event streaming and recording
  • Videoconferencing/distance education facilities and support
  • Media production for local, state and federal agencies and non-profit organizations on a fee-for-service basis
  • Point-of-origin Vyvx connection, which provides broadcast-quality video to networks worldwide via fiber optic network
  • On-campus television studio
  • Video access to satellite uplink
  • ISND codec for broadcast-quality radio interviews


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