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Ed Tech Support Resources at UO

"As a faculty member, where should I go for help?"

There are several (perhaps too many!) different organizations on campus offering support for faculty interested in applying instructional computer technology in their own classes. Some of the most important are described here.

Check the UO IT Directory for a more complete searchable database of services.


Teaching Effectiveness Program (TEP)
TEP, a division of Academic Learning Services, is the primary support organization for faculty and GTFs interested in improving their undergraduate instruction. TEP (Georgeanne Cooper, <>, director) offers workshops, discussion groups, and services focused both on traditional teaching techniques and applications of educational technology. Of particular interest are the "Teaching with Technology" web pages, workshops, and term-long classes such as "Blackboard Websites" and "Teaching Large Classes: An Online Experience". Located in the basement of PLC.
CMET Consulting, UO Libraries
Consulting provides a wide range of services for UO instructors who want to make more effective use of technology in their teaching. Consulting services include educational technology training, assistance, and referrals at CMET Consulting (Knight Library Room 19), management of several widely used services including the Blackboard course management system, and help with production.
CMET (Center for Media and Educational Technologies), UO Libraries
Media Services, part of the UO Libraries, provides support for computers, audio, and video in classrooms and the media services studios, distributes films and videotapes, and produces live and videotaped television programming. Located on the ground floor of Knight Library. See also the list of campus classrooms.
Information Services
In addition to managing major shared network and computing resources such as e-mail, Information Services (formerly known as the Computing Center) distributes software (including the DuckWare CD-ROM) and documentation (through the "Documents Room" library). Several groups in IS provide support for faculty in use of computing technology. Of particular interest to faculty are the Documents Room, consulting services for microcomputer support and for the Computing Center's large timesharing systems, and the DuckWeb information system. IS consulting is located in the basement of McKenzie Hall.
See also CET and Media Services above. The UO Libraries assign librarian subject specialists to each academic department and college. In addition to working with departments on library collection development and purchasing decisions, the subject specialists are knowledgeable about electronic resources relevant to their disciplines, and can assist faculty in providing bibliographic instruction in classes, plus a broad range of other technology services.
Academic Affairs
The Office of Academic Affairs (Provost) sponsors training initiatives for UO faculty.
Departmental/college computing support staff
The schools and colleges and most large departments have dedicated computing support staff. These staff members are often the most knowledgeable people to assist with discipline-specific technical questions, access to equipment, etc.
Social Sciences Instructional Lab (SSIL)
SSIL provides a variety of support services to faculty, particularly in the social sciences. Faculty planning to use statistical software in courses may find it particularly useful to consult with SSIL staff. Located in Grayson Hall.
Wired Humanities Project (WHP)
A collaboration of the College of Arts and Sciences and the Center for the Study of Women in Society, this group provides computing support to faculty in the humanities. Located in the UO Annex.
Yamada Language Center
Provides support for all language teaching, study, and research at UO. Services for faculty include a graphics development facility targeted at language instruction. Located in Pacific Hall.
Adaptive Technology Lab
The lab provides support, including computer access, for students with disabilities, and assists faculty in providing accessible instruction. Located in Knight Library.
Continuation Center
Coordinates and supports delivery of instruction outside of the regular curriculum and registered fulltime student population, including UO distance education programs, both traditional and delivered via computer/network technology. Located in the Baker Downtown Center.
Campus Computer Labs
Each of the major computer labs on campus has support staff who can provide assistance to faculty, particularly with the use of their own lab. Information Services maintains a list of major labs on campus.

Many of these organizations participate in the FITT Group, which meets regularly to share information and coordinate faculty technology training activities.

Other Resources

Several mailing lists are used by faculty interested in issues related to educational technology at UO. Among the more interesting lists are:

Subscribe by e-mail to <majordomo@lists> with text "subscribe deptcomp". The Departmental Computing Group consists of computing support staff from throughout the university. The mailing list is widely used to share information about UO computing resources.
Teaching Effectiveness Program announcements.
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