Proxy Program Information

Proxy Program Information

The University of Oregon Library Proxy Program allows UO Faculty to designate one person to act as representative when checking materials out from the Library.

Faculty members who wish to designate a proxy should complete a proxy request form. (A copy of this form is posted on the web at this address: You may print it out and give it to the person whom you designate as your proxy to bring to the Knight Library Checkout Desk.)

A proxy card will be issued when the designated proxy presents this signed form and an ID card with photo to the Checkout Desk at the Knight Library.

Faculty please note: by designating another person to act as your proxy, you are authorizing that person to check materials out in your name. You become responsible for the replacement costs, service charges, and any overdue fines that accrue for materials checked out in your name by your proxy. If your proxy leaves the UO or is no longer working for you, please be sure to return his or her proxy card to the Library with a note.

The UO Libraries provide remote access to a wide array of databases, electronic journals, and other electronic resources for the campus community. Eligibility for access to a specific resource is based upon the terms of the licensing agreement signed by the library. These agreements limit off-campus access to current UO students, faculty, and staff. A person acting as proxy may not use the faculty's identification numbers when using these databases. 

Those acting as proxies also may not access other services (such as making ILLiad or Summit requests) which require the use of the faculty's identification number.

Any questions concerning this program should be directed to the the Head, Access Services Department, (346-1915) Knight Library.


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