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APRS: Detailed fee schedule

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Aerial Photograph Research Rates

Aerial Photography Research is based on a 'per piece' price of $10 per standard detailed scan.  This cost includes determining an area of interest (typically about 400x400 yards, or a few square city blocks) and creating a 600dpi jpeg image from a 9x9 photographic print. Academic users affiliated with the Oregon Universities receive research for free and may scan photos in person at Knight Library.

Prices will vary based on the size of your area of interest (AOI), the parameters of scanning (we can scan up to 2400dpi, but will ordinarily not scan above 1800dpi), and the availability of source materials.  'Basic' research includes our print photograph collection, digital sources, and the university's collection of USGS topographic maps. 

The vast majority of our customers are performing Environmental Site Assessments for land development.  Therefore we frequently refer to 'Phase 1, 2 or 3 ESA' in the course of our work.  A Phase 1 request seeks information on historical land use using evidence approximately once-per-decade.  A table at the bottom of this page gives details on what ESA research will cost under various circumstances.  Generally speaking:

  • Phase 1 = 1 photo per decade
  • Phase 2 = 1 photo every 5-7 years
  • Phase 3 = All photos in our collection from unique years (this can be as many as 25 photos)

If you are at all unsure about what you will be charged for your request, please call (541) 346-4565 or email for clarification.

ESA Research Rates (Public)

  • Set up fee: $20
  • Reproduction of a standard sized AOI: $10 per image;
    Our default scans are 600dpi jpeg files for aerial photographs and 300dpi scans of paper maps.
    Larger areas and higher resolution scans are $12-40 up to 1 9x9 inch scanned full frame @ 1800dpi color.
  • RUSH requests are accepted. All fees are doubled. Orders received before noon will be filled before the end of the next business day. We reserve the right to refuse rush orders.
  • Requests submitted without a site map will automatically be charged a $10 fee.

Typical fees:

Estimates are based on a Standard area of interest. Larger areas and other options may increase prices. See Full List of Fees table below to see what the per piece price would be for your site.

Type of request Fee  
Phase 1 ESA
(air photos only)
$90-130  $20 set up fee, 7-11 photos x $10.
Phase 1 ESA
(add maps*)
$140-190 $20 set up fee, 7-11 photos, 5-6 topo maps x $10.
Phase 1 ESA
(add maps pre-1930)
$110-150 $20 set up fee, 7-11 photos, 2 topo maps x $10.
Phase 2 ESA
(air photos only)
$140-160 $20 set up fee, 12-14 photos
*We will select approximately 1 topo map per decade by default from our holdings.  Please contact us if you wish to receive more or fewer maps.
Full list of fees for large area/high resolution scans/misc.:
$20 set up fee charged for all research requests, plus:
Area of Interest 300 dpi 600 dpi 1200 dpi 1800 dpi
Standard AOI (4 city block width) 10 10 12 14
>1 mile width 14 14 18 22
>2 mile width 16 16 20 22
>3 mile width 18 18 22 24
Full Frame, B&W
Map scan - standard AOI 10 12 - -
Map scan - full sheet 12 15 - -
Map scan - full sheet, oversize map 15 18 - -
CD/DVD delivery - $5 (+$1.80 shipping)
No site map fee - $10
Rush - doubles the above fees
OUS discount - OUS users may choose to pay for scanning services and electronic delivery of the imagery. If paying for scanning, OUS users receive a 20% discount off the above fees.

Custom Research

Custom research: $75 / hour
Some requests do not fall within our typical parameters.  When this occurs, we will charge per hour to assemble a set of materials to meet your needs and then provide scanning of materials on a per-piece basis. For large volume scanning (50+ full frames) we can charge the hourly rate for scanning instead of per-piece. More information on scanning rates is available on our duplication page.


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