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Audio and Video Booking Information

Classroom Use:

UO Faculty and GTFs are encouraged to book video items for classroom use. Booking should be done as far in advance as possible, but at least four business days before the expected use. You may book items in the on-line catalog, in person, by phone (541.346-3065.)  Confirm your booking by looking in your patron record.

Videos and audio recordings in Knight will be available for pickup at the Checkout/Reserves Desk.  Videos in the Law, Science and AAA collections must be picked up at the branch checkout desk.  Instructors who ask a student to pick up the material must send the student with a completed "Faculty Authorization for Video Checkout (Classroom Use)". Faculty may also ask their library proxy to pick up the material. 

Audio and video items are usually booked for an individual class session but may be booked for up to three days. Please note: audio recordings and videos which are on course reserves may be booked only for five hours.

If you need viewing equipment please contact Center for Media and Educational Technology (541-346-3091).

Booking via the on-line catalog

After locating the audio or video in the UO local catalog, select the link labeled "book this material".

  • Sign into UO LibrarySearch.
  • Locate the video or audio recording using LibrarySearch.
  • Select the link labeled “Get It.”
  • After signing in, select “Request.”
  • Select Request Type: “Booking.”
  • Select the correct pickup location. Note: with the exception of Portland (PDX) and Charleston (OIMB), audio and video materials must be picked up at the owning library.
  • Optional: Click on the link, “Check availability” to see when other bookings have been scheduled.
  • Enter the date and time for pickup. (Note use the 24-clock, or “military time.”)
  • Enter the date and time by which you will return the material.
  • Optional: In the comments box, enter the course (ex: WGS 101) for which the material is to be used, or any special instructions.
  • Select “Request”
  • Videos and audio recordings on reserve may be booked for a maximum of five (5) hours, and other videos for a maximum of three (3) days.
  • Videos and audio recordings that are not on reserve may be renewed for an additional three days

Booking for Distance Education Faculty (Staff-mediated booking)

If you are Distance Education Faculty and you wish to book a DVD or video for off-campus use, contact the Knight Checkout & Reserves desk at 541-346-3065 or

Videos and audio recordings can be mailed to you one week in advance of your expected use and will be due in the Library one week later. Please indicate that you are teaching a course which qualifies as a Distance Education course.

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