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Searching for Videos and Films

All videotapes and films owned by the UO Libraries can be located using the UO Libraries Catalog. The catalog offers the ability to pre-limit your search to look only for videos. 


Select the type of search you want to do:

  • keyword: when you have an idea of the topic, or are unsure of the exact author or title; also use this to search for individual cast members, directors, producers, or specific short films within a compilation. You can combine the title and/or author or other words.
  • genre: genre terms describe categories of materials by their theme, style or physical format. Use the genre term when you have an idea of the style or content of the video, ex: comedy, thriller, documentary.
  • subject heading: when you know the Library of Congress subject heading for your topic
  • author: author may be screenwriter or author of the work upon which a film is based, as well as the director; remember to enter the last name first
  • title: when you know at least the first few words of the title

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