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The Architecture & Allied Arts Library occupies three floors of the south end of Lawrence Hall.  The library is a wireless environment with a variety of study spaces including one of the most attractive reading rooms in the state.   Consult the library floor plan to identify spaces for collections, services, and study.

Research & Study Spaces

Comfort Seating, Architecture and Allied Arts Library 2nd Floor Reading Room, Architecture and Allied Arts Library Current Periodicals Room, Architecture and Allied Arts Library 3rd Floor Reading Room, Architecture and Allied Arts Library

The A&AA Library has a rich variety of seating spaces including three reading rooms,  group study spaces, a current periodicals room, as well as individual carrel seating throughout the building. On the third floor is the Student Collaboration Room (LA302) which is available on a first-come first-serve basis or can be reserved in advance.  This room for group study can seat up to eight people and features a flat screen monitor for laptop projections.  Whiteboards are located throughout the library.

Computer Workstations

The Architecture & Allied Arts Library provides 25 public workstations with differing software capabilities. Priority use of library computers is for work connected to UO research and coursework.

Workstations, Reading Room, Architecture and Allied Arts Library

  • Internet Kiosks.  Four workstations (called Internet Kiosks) provide web access to the full extent of the UO Library's online system including databases.  No login is required for Internet Kiosk computers.
  • Academic Stations.  UO log-in required.  Twenty-one workstations (called Academic Stations) provide a wide range of productivity software including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite. These machines, available in Windows and Mac platforms, also provide email and other internet access, as well as use of CDs, DVDs, and software. 
  • Software: Consult this page to see the software available on Academic Stations.

Printers, Scanners, Copiers

Scanner, Architecture and Allied Arts Library

The A&AA Library has printer/copiers and scanners to facilitate research and instruction.   Printing from the computer workstations is directed to the AAA Library Output Room, located adjacent to the library's service desk.  A Campus Cash account is required to use the printers.  Scanning maybe accomplished with the Bookeye scanner, the flatbed scanners, and the slide scanner.  Users of library copiers, scanners, and computers are responsible for ensuring that their use conforms to United States Copyright Law (Title 17 US Code).

Left:  The Bookeye scanner scans to pdf, jpg, and png files.  There is no charge for Bookeye scans.  Content can be emailed or saved to a thumb drive.



  • One Bookeye scanner (digital output in pdf, jpg, png format).   Content may be emailed or saved to thumbdrive.
  • Three US Letter/A4 size flatbed scanners. The scanners can also scan slides.  Ask for the adaptor at the service desk.  Content may be emailed or saved to thumbdrive.
  • Two tabloid/A3 size flatbed scanners.  Content may be emailed, saved to thumbdrive, or printed.  
  • One 35mm slide scanner.  The flatbed scanners can also scan film/slides.  Ask for the adaptor at the service desk.  


All photocopiers require Campus Cash cards for payment. Prices are as follows:

  • Black & white copier:  8 cents per copy.
  • Color copier: 25 cents per 8.5x11 in. copy; 50 cents per 11x17 in. copy.

Campus Cash

UO students, staff, and faculty:  Campus Cash uses the UO Card (Photo ID) as a debit card for printing and copying. All UO students, faculty, and staff have pre-established Campus Cash accounts. Use of this service requires first making a deposit into the account.  UO students, faculty, and staff can add funds to Campus Cash accounts via Duckweb; look for the "QuickPay" option in the Student Menu or Employee Information. Money can also be added at Lawrence Hall's Hearth Cafe down the hall from A&AA Library.  Consult this page for more information on the Campus Cash service.

Non-UO patrons:  Campus Cash accounts are also available for non-UO patrons.  Cards are available for purchase at a vending machine in the Knight Library lobby or at the UO Card Office.

All services are ADA-accessible. If you want assistance for any disability related reason, ask at the service desk. Access to adaptive technology is also available in many locations around campus.

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