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Left:  Set designs by Carl Heilborn, on display Summer 2014

Scope and content

Consult this page for the most recent monthly list of new additions to the UO Libraries.

The collections of the Architecture and Allied Arts Library primarily support academic programs associated with the School of Architecture and Allied Arts. In addition to the library's 86,000 bound volumes, holdings include architectural drawings, photographs,  electronic resources, and theses and terminal project reports. The Library holds about 2,700 periodical titles including approximately 350 current subscriptions.

While the AAA Library is the university's primary location for architectural and visual arts research, significant related holdings are located elsewhere on campus. Most notably, Knight Library holds more than 22,000 art and architecture books and journals. Materials throughout the UO Library System can be found through the Libraries' online catalog.

Access and checkout

Most books and periodicals in AAA Library are housed in publicly accessible open stacks. These materials are arranged by Library of Congress call numbers on the library's second (mezzanine) and third floors. They generally circulate according to the library system's borrowing policy . Within the general collection are some materials that have restricted loan periods or do not circulate. All non-circulating materials are listed as "Library Use Only" in the online catalog.

Items on course reserves have shortened loan periods, any other cataloged materials with limited or restricted loan conditions will be indicated as such in the UO Library catalog.

Most materials are shelved in publicly accessible open stacks. Materials that must be requested from staff at the checkout desk are course reserves, architectural drawings, rare books, archival slides, artist's books, and remote storage items. 

Special sections and formats

The AAA Library has some materials located in separate sections because of purpose or format. These sections, and materials of particular interest, are described below.

Architectural drawings

The AAA Library's drawings collection consists primarily of works associated with the School of A&AA. Consult this finding aid for a description of historic student drawings.  The library does not house plans of campus buildings.  The official repository of 'as-built' UO building plans is the Facilities Services design office which provides services for consultation and reproduction of drawings. The UO Library's Special Collections department maintains several unique collections of architectural archives, photographs, and drawings and staff there should be consulted about holdings and access.

Artists' books

The library holds approximately 880 artists' books which chiefly represent the work of Pacific Northwest artists. 

Oversize materials

Materials identified as part of the collection "AAA Oversize" are on the main floor of the library.  Oversize material have an "x" preceding the call number label.


Most unbound current periodicals are shelved in AAA Library's periodicals room adjacent to the reading room. Bound periodicals are located in the library's open stacks arranged by call number unless they have been located to oversize, reference, or secure collections for reasons of value, format, or purpose. Specific journals can be located using the UO Libraries Catalog.  

Rare books and periodicals

Rare materials are located in the Secure Collection.


Located on the main floor of the library, this collection contains dictionaries, encyclopedias, manuals, and other reference publications of interest to the arts and architecture community. Most reference materials are circulate with limited loan periods.


Reserve materials are required readings for courses and have shortened loan periods. Course reserves include syllabi, books, lecture notes, journal articles, class assignments, sample tests, and other relevant information to support classroom instruction. Items on reserve and their call numbers can be found by consulting the online Reserves catalog. Reserve materials with a location of AAA RSRV can be checked out from the AAA circulation desk.

Rare books & periodicals

The Rare Books Collection includes rare or valuable books and journals.  All items in the collection (many purchased with funds from the Marion Dean Ross Endowment) are listed in the online catalog. Materials in this collection may be requested for use in the library.


About 140,000 archival slides representing original photography of architectural works are located in the library's special collections area. 


Due to space constraints, some AAA Library books are located in storage and are designated in the online catalog with the location AAA STORAGE . These materials can be requested through the library catalog.  Paged materials will be available at the circulation desk of your choice in 1-3 days.

Theses, student reports, projects

  • Terminal project reports for most departments in the School of Architecture & Allied Arts are collected by the AAA Library. Holdings are listed in the A&AA Terminal Projects database; projects may be requested by project number at the service desk.  Older projects are stored and will take at least a day to retrieve.
  • Terminal project reports written by graduate students in the Department of Planning, Public Policy and Management (PPPM) are located in Knight Library's Document Center and can be identified in the PPPM Terminal Projects database.
  • Dissertations approved by the Graduate School can be identified in the UO library catalog by author, subject, etc. Use the "Limit search to... UO theses" function to speed your search. To obtain a list of all theses from a particular department, search by title for "University of Oregon theses [dept name]". For example: University of Oregon theses dept of art history.

Media:  DVDs, CDs, etc.

Most digital media are located in Knight Library and may be identified through a search in the library catalog.

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